Sexual Assault Sexual Harassment Response Program Sharp

SHARP is an active program that is in place to eliminate the root cause and underlining issues of the armed forces. The Army’s goal is mission readiness, mission success, and Soldiers morale but sexual crimes are main factors that decrease the readiness of the force. In addition, with this, these are criminal acts and unmoral acts reflect poorly on the United States Army. Covered in (AR 600-20) SHARP is an effort to lower sexual crime rates in the United States Army. Sexual crimes do not occur only inside the military but as well as the civilian side too. Throughout this essay, there will be an explanation the facts and statistics of SHARP effectiveness. Current SHARP training program inside the military has had a positive effect on the force.

With increasing unisex combat options, opening (SHARP) cases are bound to increase within the military. When in extended deployments, some Soldiers will more become sexually stressed. Sexual violence occurs because when levels of stress are elevated and are in vulnerable spots and low ranking positions, have low self-esteem, and be pushed into silence in addition some cases have a quid-pro-quo. Of course, sexual violence occurs in the homeland along with other non-combat environments. When placed in any duty station, SHARP cases are also high. A “SHARP” complaint might possibly have the Soldier removed from the situation. This could cause a number of false reported incidents creating inaccurate accounts of cases.

Military briefing on sexual violence has been decreasing the number of cases today. With constant reminders of sexual assault, Soldiers are more aware of the problem at hand. Not just that sexual crime occurs, but the consequences of committing a SHARP crime as well. Soldiers now made aware of what a sexual crime is and what to do if it occurs. The constant SHARP briefs may be a long drawn out process, but it is also necessary to continue prevention. However, the risk of sexual assault is not entirely gone but it is still prevalent.

Ending sexual violence in the military will never be possible. There will always be a few number of reported cases, not to mention unreported. Briefing our troops on SHARP, every available opportunity will minimize cases. Another way to help reduce cases would be fixing incentives for reporting falsely. A number of false reports made are due to alcohol effects and undesirable locations. If a Soldier, files a report, he or she may need to be removed them from the situation. This solution will continue the problem, instead the “victim” should reside where they currently are. Another issue can be a time of war. Once recruiting is open due to wartime, it will let in a flow of troops allowing possible predators to enter the force.

Despite the number of SHARP cases, the current teaching process is working. Making Soldiers aware of the issue is the key to resolve the issue, and now this will be achieved. There will always be those that avoid detection so sexual violence will always occur. Minimization of sexual violence is close, but awareness must always remain and briefings always to be consistent. With awareness and constant training, sexual violence will have a lower impact on mission readiness thru out the United States Army .

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