Technology in the 21st Century?

Today’s generation find it way more difficult to talk to people face to face because it is easier to be on a device rather than a cell phone. The first reason is technology is going to keep advancing over the years it will cause people to be less creative. The second reason technology is taking away creativity is technology is created to make situations easier, but people do not really realize how much it really hurt rather than help. Last reason technology affects creativity is people are not engaged with the “real world” by being active. It is time for people to stop relying on technology so much and being more creative with theirself. Technology even makes people lazy because technology nowadays does everything for us and that is the problem.

It is way more common to see people playing video games, social media or texting than communicating in person which is sad. People have to know how to communicate face to face because that is very important to know especially when going on job interviews, making friends, and even more. When you have a device in your hand it is a distraction from everything around us. Every time people find themselves bored they pull out a device rather than finding something else creative to do. Many people rely on these technologies daily, however technology has been here for a while now. Many people thought TV and games will affect creativity but there are people still out here creating different things.

Review of Literature

“Does it hinder or help creativity?” talks about how technology does not smother innovativeness, innovation improves imagination. Discussing how technology is empowers us to see the world diversely and furthermore getting to data from anyplace on the planet. The article gives key advantages on how innovation has affected inventiveness, for example, development, rising devices, openness. Tells how technology is awesome from multiple points of view. Be that as it may, the article is stating that technology is not a terrible thing as long as it we don’t enable it to dumb us down.

POA- This source is important to my argument because it is discussing how technology has affected many things. It provides the purpose on do technology hinder or help us. It will prove the argument by giving examples about technology taking away from creativity.

“Is Technology Killing Creativity” by Katie believes that technology is ruining face to face communication skills. She is explaining how people don’t even talk on the bus anymore. When people constant desire distraction through technology. How people go straight on social media than going outside or doing something creative without technology. Also, she states how kids and adults has a lack of imagination in creativity because their always in their phone, laptops, and other technology.

POA: This source is important to my argument because it explains how children and grown ups are so attach to their phone and it is arguing the point very good. It will provide a great argument and purpose in the research.

“Is Technology Stifling Creativity” by Rhodri Marsden is clarifying how technology has quite recently levered some low level desire inside him to take pictures, encouraged it with basic, and gave to him a warm, fluffy sentiment of imaginative satisfaction. He is saying we urge to share our thoughts, our creations, guaranteed they are deserving of consideration and that other individuals will like them. The article is revealing to us how individuals love the preferences and the consideration that other individuals give off and how it affects us. How technology resembles our assistance with various things. How it help with advancing ourselves. Likewise, how it makes everybody feels that they can partak .

POA: This source is important to my argument because it the writer is clarifying how technology has got us to always want to share our business to everyone and that’s the argument he’s trying to get to. It also provides background about how technology resembles our assistance with various of things in the imaginative procedure.

“Computers kill pupil’s creativity” This article talks about how some experts suggest that computers may be inappropriate educational tools for children, killing the very creativity the computer industry needs. The article is saying that children find paper texts easier to understand and more convincing. The writer states how it hurts the ideas of children when their trying to figure out things or hurt them in school. Talk about how Us study says technology harms learning skills.

POA: This source is important to my argument because it’s argument supports how technology is killing the very creativity the computer industry needs. It provides support and purpose to the argument. It also gives background on a lot of things about of it affects us.

Survey Questions

  1. How frequent do you use technology? 85% said they always use technology. This question is important because it proves how much people uses technology.
  2. Do you think technology affect capacity to pay attention? 79% said yes. This question is important because this means technology distracts a lot of people to pay attention such as when they are in school, work, or anywhere else.
  3. Do you think technology has changed the way you live? 98.6% said yes. This means technology plays a big part in people lives and that’s why this question is important. Has technology made your life easier? 85.1% said yes. This question is important because it means that technology changed how people do many things and how it made things easier now people do not want to be creative.
  4. How important do you think technology is? 39 out of 74 people think it is important, which means most people think it is somewhat important or not important at all. This question is important because it shows how much technology is important to some people.
  5. Has technology affect your communications skills with people face to face? 51.4% people said yes. This means half have a problem with communicating with people face to face. This question is important because this means technology is affecting and taking away a lot of people communications skills face to face because people are so used to talking on the phone and chatting through social media.
  6. What do you use to access internet with? 91.8% said their cell phones. This question is because it tells you most people use their cell phones to figure out things.
  7. Has technology made it easier for you to make friends today? 48.6 said yes. This question is important because it tells you if going on social media is easier to make friends on than making friends in person face to face.
  8. Do you feel that you have enough experience and knowledge to efficiently use and adapt to changes in technology? 78.4% said yes.
  9. Which means a lot of technology where they have enough experience to adapt to changes in technology in the future. This question is important because in order for people to adapt to changes in technology you have to know how to use and be very knowledgeable and experienced with it and most people are.
  10. Do you think technology hinder healthy relationships? 41.9% said yes. This question is important because it tells how technology can hinder healthy relationships.


Technology has made it more difficult for people to be creative outside of a device. People don’t even know how to get engaged with the “real world” without looking at a screen. People are constantly using ipads, iphones, tablets, and other computerized devices. Being over exposed to technology is not good because people don’t know their being robbed of the mental stimulation that come from doing real, non-computerized activities. How the world is changing as much as it is and adults have to prepare their kids for the new generation with all the technology and how to be creative without technology (Johnson 1). It has gotten to the point where a three-year-old can navigate an iphone with ease but struggle to speak. Technology has really changed the way we live our lives and out of 80 people that took the survey Ninty-eight percent said yes technology has changed the way they live.

Sixty-one percent of children aged two to five can use a computer mouse, but only eleven percent can tie their own shoelaces (Generation Tech More Kids Can Play Computer Games than Ride a Bike). A lot of kids are at an all time low in the creativity department, which is really crazy and very sad. In the news article “How Digital Media Has Changed Creativity” by Chandra Johnson says “Everybody knew from research that creativity was lacking creativity and a lot of things are replacing imagination and playing and communicating among others” (Johnson 2). If people going to use technology they should not let it hurt them, always know how to be creativity outside technology. People are letting technology hurt them instead of help them. Remember when kids used to go outside, ride bikes, play hide in go seek, play board games and just make up little games to play, kids do not do that anymore. Adults are giving their kids phones and tablets for Christmas at the age 5. What happen to the little dolls and playhouses kids back then use to play with. When the last time you seen somebody talk on the bus, in a waiting room in any other ‘waiting” kind of place in public (Katie 1). Technology has took away a lot of things.

The internet is also shaping the way people view things because people are getting influence in what they see on social media and all this technology. People do not have their own way of thinking anyone because they view their thoughts off what they see and hear on social media and twitter is the biggest media where people just follow what everybody think and say. For example, celebrities has the biggest impact on people on social media, whatever they say people going to go along with the trend. People cannot even think for themselves anymore. In the study by Jim Taylor shows “that without technology it encouraged people brains to be focused and imaginative” that proves how technology is taking away people from thinking outside the box (Taylor 1). Society needs to learn how to think outside the box without a device in their hand. People let social media influence so many things in their life instead of living life the way they want.

Technology can also make people lazy by just sitting on social media and not doing anything active. Also, according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention in a study in 2004, 16 percent of children that are between the ages of six and nineteen years of age are overweight or obese (Center for Disease control and Prevention). That number has actually increased since then of course since technology keeps advancing. Being overweight can bring in very bad health issues. Moreover, according to Stanford University of Medicine study, that students consume 20 percent of their daily calorie intake from watching television, which is not good at all. When it comes down to a person’s creativity it is being drained by social media and so many things on technology. Creativity is really being killed by technology.


In today’s society we are overwhelmed with technology. Technology is changing everyday, and will forever be something that’s in our everyday lives. Technology has brought some concerns and have took creativity away in many ways and people have to changed that. People cannot let technology hurt them. But children these days have no choice but to somehow be influenced by the ever growing technology in our societies. Society needs to learn how to be more creativity outside technology such as start going outside, explore the world, draw, do things that you love outside social media. Have to learn how to have real fun and make friends outside a screen because people do not know how to communicate face to face anymore but let’s change all that.

Only live once do not waste it on just sitting on technology all day long.