How Technology has Changed Us

In “Society is dead, We have retracted into the iWorld,” by Andrew Sullivan after he goes on a trip to new york he begins to notice how much the world is changing. The first thing Andrew begins to notice is how much quieter the nightlife in new york is, compared to how it is during the day. The next thing he begins to notice is that “there were little white wires hanging down from their ears, or tucked into pockets, purses or jackets. The eyes were a little vacant.” Sullivan argues that we are spending too much time tucked in our own little worlds and that electronics are truly taking over our lives.

Sullivan admits in the passage that he is also a victim of letting electronics control his life. Sullivan goes on to describe this group as a “cult” and bases the apple store as their “church”. Sullivan stats that every day the cult is getting bigger, at the time there were 22 million iPod owners. Sullivan writes “Technology has given us a universe entirely for ourselves – where the serendipity of meeting a new stranger…. Or an opinion that might force us to change our mind about something.” He explains that the further we become with technology the more we are going to be able to do with it. No matter what the situation is, there will always be someone there with their white little wires hanging out of their ears, letting their life be controlled by them.

In “Society is dead, We have retracted into the iWorld,” by Andrew Sullivan, he goes on to write about how technology is changing our society as a whole and making us anti-social. I 100% completely agree with what Sullivan says through the text. As this text was written in 2005 and it is now 2019, technology has come a further from when this was written. Technology has truly changed our lives for better and worse. It has made getting an education so much easier for many people. Unfortunately, technology has changed peoples lives for the worse, some truly live their lives through their phone and it has caused a lot of trouble for them.

Nowadays most relationship problems are caused by one of the partners being glued to their phone constantly instead of making conversation with their partner. I am one to admit that I am addicted to my phone, and it is a problem. A majority of nights I am up till 3 am refreshing all my social media (Instagram, facebook, youtube and twitter) looking to see if I missed something ‘important’ from the last time I was on it. “Society without the social.” I agree with this quote because it states that nowadays people are doing everything online and are living their lives through their little screens, instead of going out into the real world and talking face to face. In conclusion, I agree with everything that Sullivan has said throughout this text.

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