Harriet Tubman Is Quite The Role Models

Harriet Tubman is an immensely interesting and brave person. No one knows exactly knows when she was born, but they think she was born in about 1820. She was born in Dorchester County in Maryland. She was born into slavery with her 8 brothers and sister. Although her family was separated and they were all rented out to other people. Also her childhood nickname was “Moses” after Moses in the Bible. I think that is an awesome nickname and it suits her well because of her courage to free the slaves and Moses had the same courage to free Gods people from Egypt.

Harriet was selfless and would stand up for anyone. At the age of 12 she stuck up for a slave that was being tortured. She took the blow for this slave and the weight broke her skull. Prior to that at the age of 5 she was first a nursemaid, and whenever a child cried she would get whipped. She was then later a planter and a field hand.

Harriet was full of hope of getting away. She was best known for being one of the important leaders of the Underground Railroad. She heroically freed and saved 300 slaves. Harriet, once she was freed, took 19 trips back South to save all of those slaves. She had her chance to be free but she went back because she knew what it was like to be tortured, so she went back to give those people the same chance to be free as she did. After she was done freeing people and had freed herself she had these horrible dreams and terrible and painful headaches. She had gone through so much for so many people and she did it because she wanted too she wanted to help people so she did. Harriet got an award named after her it is call “Truckers against Trafficking” (TAT). This award is for truckers and bussers who try to stop human trafficking. Also, one of her major impacts was being a Civil Rights Activist.

Harriet led a full life, she did get married twice and she had one child. Her first husband’s name was John Tubman. They had gotten married in 1844, but then later in 1867 John sadly passed. She shortly after that got married to her second husband, Nelson Davis, in 1869. Then he died in the year of 1888 about 19 years later. About 10 years before her first she went back south to rescue her parents. On March 10, 1913 Harriet sadly passed. They buried her in Fort Hill Cemetery in New York. Although she is still remembered and immensely loved.

She was a wonderful person with a big heart. I believe she saved all those slaves because she knew how they felt since, she was there once too and she wanted them to have freedom just as she did. Harriet was willing to fight for what she wanted and she wanted to be free so she fought for it. I think that we should all have a kind heart and should stand up for what we believe in. Harriet was and is still quite the role models. Indeed she truly was a hero.

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