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The Gun Law Crisis

Enough was enough twenty years ago at the Columbine massacre yet hardly anything has been done to prevent it. It’s time to review our bill of rights and reconstruct our amendments for the well being of America . Although our 2nd amendment right states that we have the right to bear arms, we need to […]

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Three Strikes Law Essay

The U.S. Constitutions ensure against the burden of unbalanced criminal punishments. The Excessive Fines Clause and the Cruel and Unusual Punishments Clause of the eighth Amendment deny the use of disproportionate of sentences. The eighth Amendment disallows the central government from forcing unforgiving punishments on wrongdoers which now and again can wind up questionable. With […]

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Wannacry a Cyber Security Issue

Despite the growth of technology displaying definite significant to the society, it has been subjected to many challenges with the most conspicuous challenge being the cyber security issue. To be in a position of defining how cyber security has negatively affected the technology industry, it serves great importance mentioning that cyber security is a set […]

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Criminal Justice Capstone Questions

The system of criminal and social justice has been plagued with several issues that are making it to be ever changing in the society. Among many issue that has been associated with the social justice system, this paper will highlight about the equity and fairness. The government of the US is working to make sure […]

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Current Event: Juvenile Delinquency With Applicable Theory

On Sunday, Officers learned that a 31-year old man named Antonio had attacked two women and began pursuing him (KPLC Digital Staff, 2017). The police encountered Antonio on Wednesday who led them on a high-speed chase before he lost control of his car and crashed into a residence. Antonio then fled on foot leaving an […]

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Fair Work Act

Workplace Law AssignmentIssue:The legal issue is if XYZ Pty Ltd Can be held responsible for the injuries suffered by Lewis. Lewis a truck driver who drives XYZ truck has been injured at the depot where he attends every day, Monday to Friday, to pick goods for delivery since 2001 after the advertisement they had placed […]

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The Giver (Summary of The Book)

Chapter 1 Jonas lives in a place called the community. In the community people live under strict rules. Planes are not allowed to fly over the community. One day an airplane flew over the community, everyone was stunned, later that day the pilot of the plane was released, killed or eliminated, as a punishment. In […]

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The Similarity of Our Society With “The Giver”

You might think our society with “The Giver” is way different, but they are still similar in ways. The story is how a community is totally controlled in order to have a perfect world. This applicable to modern society because people are becoming more and more controlled with less freedom. In the story “The Giver” […]

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Distinguishing Between Our Society and ‘The Giver’

Our society and the society from The Giver have a mass amount of differences, but they still have a minimal amount of similarities. For example, the societies both have jobs that support the communities/economy, but this does not mean that they are even close to the same. The GIver’s society has their jobs decided for […]

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Essay on Harriet Tubman

Harriet Tubman was a big part of history and her, and her story will never be forgotten. Harriet Tubman was a slave when she was young. Tubman was born during 1820-1825, but her exact birth date is unknown. When she was a young girl, she suffered from severe abuse from her owner as well as […]

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Historical Personality – Julius Caesar

Throughout history the world has seen many men and women rise to power and one of them is Julius Caesar. Even though Julius Caesar was stabbed 23 times in the back, he became dictator of the roman republic because he was a great military and strong political leader. In the early life of Julius Caesar […]

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Contemporary Disputes on The Second Amendment Has Currently Abide Lately

Contemporary disputes on the Second Amendment has currently abide lately. This amendment central point on the protection to keep and bear arms in protection of our private right as an individual, and the right that can apply only through militia organizations. This amendment strikes me the most, because of our recent school shootings. A generation […]

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One Action Can Be an Entire Solution to a Massive Problem

In society today, there are certain controversies that can lead people to think that one action can be an entire solution to a massive problem. One very controversial topic throughout the United States is the Second Amendment. The Second Amendment protects people’s right to keep and bear arms. The controversy surrounds the recent issue in […]

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The National Rifle Association (Nra) Would Oppose a Repeal on The Second Amendment

I reviewed the three groups cited in the gun violence issue related to the second amendment to repeal the constitution. Based on their webpage, the National Rifle Association (NRA) would oppose a repeal on the second amendment. The primary reason for this is that their main source of subscribers to their website are gun aficionados, […]

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Social and Political Whims and Ideals That Befit The Vicissitudes of The Times

Every period in history has its peculiar and distinct social and political whims and ideals that befit the vicissitudes of the times. However, in the life of a nation, experience has proved again and again that the changing times come along with ceaseless sweeping tides of transformation in every aspect of society’s ideals and ways […]

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The Second Amendment of The Constitution of The U.S.a

Without guns how will we protect our homes, our families, and other things we care for? On December 15, 1791, our Founding Father decided that it was important to make sure every citizen of the United States of America has the right to Bear Arms. The Second Amendment of the Constitution of the U.S.A reads, […]

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Guns Equal Protection and a Source of Food

Guns equal protection and a source of food, hunting, people are the ones using the guns to hurt and harm other people. On December 15, 1791, our Founding Father decided that it was important to make sure every citizen of the United States of America has the right to Bear Arms. The Second Amendment of […]

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The Supreme Court Regarding The Second Amendment

Arguably, one of the most talked about amendments and overall policy legislation pieces of modern-day politics. Now, more than ever, the testing and judgement of the Right to Bear Arms has placed the American people at opposing ends. As the amendment is written, “A well-regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, […]

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The Gun Control Debate Has Been One of The Most Divisive Issues in America

The gun control debate has been one of the most divisive issues in America. With mass shootings in Las Vegas and Florida, the infamous school shooting in Sandy Hook, this debate has only become more prevalent. U.S gun violence is a symptom of a long historical problem. Stricter gun control measures should be taken because […]

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Gun Control and The Second Amendment

The Founding Fathers had just won their liberty from the British Empire with a long and abrasion rising, a war that was triggered by a bloody gun control raid-turned-route in Lexington and Concord and Lexington and Concord on April nineteen, 1775. When war ended, and they formed a federal official government activity, they made sure […]

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The 2Nd Amendment of The Bill of Rights of The United States Constitution

The 2nd Amendment of the Bill of Rights of the United States Constitution is commonly known to ordinary civilians, “the Right to Bear Arms.” However, the United States Supreme Court has officially interpreted that the Second Amendment gives an individual the right to possess a weapon unrelated to military service for traditionally lawful purposes such […]

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Informative Essay on The Second Amendment

The second amendment, the most debated topic in town, goes as “A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.” James Madison, Americas God father as some say, originally proposed the Second Amendment not very long after […]

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The President Andrew Jackson

Andrew Jackson is the single chairman who served at both the Revolutionary conflict and the battle of 1812. The battle of 1812 gave him the public acceptance that he needed later to win the presidency. Jackson’s position accompanied in the “Age of Jackson”. He was the first person elected chairman from the west. He also […]

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The 7Th President of The Usa – Andrew Jackson

Andrew Jackson served as the seventh president of the United States of America. The Republic was just beginning to blossom into a full-fledged young nation with great potential. Jackson rose to fame in the world of American government and politics after serving as a major general in the war of 1812. Jackson helped lead American […]

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Andrew Jackson: Accomplishments and Dilemmas

Andrew Jackson had many accomplishments throughout his life such as creating the democratic party and as a general in the War of 1812. Even though he had these achievements, he is well-known mostly for his time in office. During Jackson’s presidency, there were many controversies that had a very powerful impact on U.S. history such […]

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View Into Women’S Opression: ‘The Handmaid’S Tale’

The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood takes place in the dystopian society of Gilead. Offred the story’s narrator lives in Gilead and was taken against her will to become an Handmaid. The woman in Gilead have lost their freedom and are succumbed to the strict orders of Gilead. In The Handmaid’s Tale, the class divisions […]

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“Trail of Tears” – Indian Removal

On the 28th of May 1830, the president at the time, Andrew Jackson, signed into effect a now controversial law. This law was the Indian Removal Act which allowed the removal of Native Americans from their homes to lands west of the Mississippi River. One tribe who was forcefully removed from their homes was the […]

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Cherokee: The Trail of Tears

The Cherokee tribe is a very unique tribe because despite all the events they went through because of foreigners, they were able to stay united and maintained major parts of their culture. The people in the native american tribe usually had high cheekbones, brownish and reddish skin tone, dark hair, and last but not least […]

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Supreme Court Decision: Trail of Tears

In the early 1830s the United States Supreme Court had two important decision to make, and along with the actions of President Jackson, the fate of the Cherokee Nation was decided. Cherokee nation v. Georgia was a case where Georgia passed a law about taking the Native American’s lands; Worcester v. Georgia was a case […]

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Trail of Tears – Very Unnecessary Injust Event

Even after the Native American people showed they were not a threat, adopted the ways of the settlers, and became civilized, Andrew Jackson and his men decide to pursue the Trail of Tears and unjustly remove the Native Americans from their homes and destroy their peaceful people and culture. The Trail of tears was not […]

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