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The Psychology of Forgetting

On many occasions, I have found myself forgetting information I have read over and over again. I can relate my forgetfulness to retrieval failure where I have failed to recall certain information about a particular subject. This usually happens because of absence of cues as in cue-dependent forgetting. According to this mechanism, one lacks access […]

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Sensation, Perception, Consciousness, Motivation, Emotion, and Learning

Behavioral theory approach is based on the fact that behavior is learned from the past experiences. It also states that the same way a behavior can be learned it can also be unlearnt or reconditioned. This is a theory based on the fact that all behaviors are acquired through conditioning. There are two superior types […]

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Language Learning

The journal article, starting language schema for English language learners: teacher composed digital jump stars for academic reading (Rance-roney 2010), illustrates how the digital storytelling supports the ESL learners academic literacy. Revealing a way in which digital storytelling can enhance learning as well as teaching. She describes it as a way of supporting learners. It […]

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The Education System and the Curriculum

Introduction The passage is about a mother who read her daughters passage and found it very wanting of proper writing instructions. The girl had followed all the instructions given in class about writing but the mother found the instructions unnecessary to the work the girl was doing. Additionally, the girl was writing an essay about […]

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Effectiveness of Home-Schooling as an Educational Sytem

Introduction Homeschooling system of education has been on the rise in the recent years with more than 2 million students being homeschooled across the world. Homeschooling is a legal form of education, so parents have the right to choose the form of education system their children are to take, homeschooling or the formal education system […]

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The Importance of Collaborative Learning in Practicing Speaking English

Introduction Speaking English has become an important thing to do especially for those who are seeking a rewarding job or want to study abroad. Therefore, the need for practicing this skill is indispensable which leads to the demand for collaborative in learning and achieving this skill. Language Center of University of Abdurachman Saleh Situbondo (UNARS) […]

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Pros and Cons of Year Round School 

Why should kids have year-round schools? Imagine having school for a year that never ends. Frequent breaks are good for students; They become more eager to learn. The fear that year-round school takes away your free summers is not completely true. Depending on the type of year-round school, it simply means spreading part of the […]

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Impact and Power of Education in Human Life

One of the main reasons for our success as a species consists of our keen ability to pass on information and knowledge to our offspring so efficiently. With that being said, no one can dispute the massive importance of proper education on our society. But, why do we still fail to optimize education for our […]

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I Want to Go to College

Focusing on taking my education to the next level, I constantly want to be learning new information about the subjects that interest me. Going to college I expect myself to learn new used ul information surrounding the subject. Learning is significant because it will always allow humans to move towards the next step and not […]

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Cognitive Development: Theories of Piaget and Vygotsky

Cognition is defined as a high level carried out by the human brain, including comprehension and use of speech, visual perception and construction, calculation ability, attention (information processing), memory, and executive functions such as planning, problem-solving, and self-monitoring. Jean Piaget’s viewed cognitive development as an essential prerequisite for the development of all symbolic functions (thinking, […]

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Study of Basic Theories: Behaviorism, Constructivism, Cognitivism, and Humanism

Introduction Learning is the most important mental function for people, and any other living being. Learning builds new abilities, ideals and understandings. Learning is one thing that we as living beings will never stop doing. We are constantly learning new things. Learning does not just happen when you are in school or reading a book, […]

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The Banking Concept of Education

Throughout my writing and literature education, my classes were filled with what Freire would describe as “banking” education and less of “problem-posing” education. This is surprising because writing and literature are creative and typically open-ended. Freire believed that “banking” education “attempts to control thinking and action… and inhibits [the students’] creativity.” Looking back at high […]

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Teamwork is Better than Working Alone

Introduction Comprehension of the prearranged assignment goals in the recorded stage is the preliminary purpose of every venture on an equally individual or commercial position. This results in a report full of disputes conflicting in Richard Hackman’s interpretation concerning the use of team work to bring together and finish an intricate undertaking. Hence highlights will […]

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Letter to Teachers

Learning is a complex process. As a kindergartener getting ready to begin school, I am extremely excited to begin. However there is a lot I’d like you to know before I start. As you help me to learn and advance my brain, there are several important things we need to go over. In this letter, […]

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