The Education System and The Curriculum


The passage is about a mother who read her daughters passage and found it very wanting of proper writing instructions. The girl had followed all the instructions given in class about writing but the mother found the instructions unnecessary to the work the girl was doing. Additionally, the girl was writing an essay about senior citizens that her group had chosen and the mother did not like the idea of a group choosing a topic for individual work. This essay will examine the importance of the passage to the reader response in relation to the striking sentence, the styles used and importance of dialogue.

Striking Sentence

The passage has many sentences that strike out but the last sentence that shows the comments of the teacher to the mother stand out the most. The teacher tells the mother that they do everything according to the curriculum because the children are tested on the curriculum and their results will influence the future of high school (“Alberta Views The Magazine for Engaged Citizens | Categories | Blog”, 2004). The sentence clearly shows that the teachers teach the children to pass exams and not to necessarily gain knowledge. The mother understands that the teacher is doing her best to make the children Pass their exams. The sentence shows the loophole in the American system where exams are more important than the knowledge acquired.Importance of Dialogue.

The author has used dialog effectively in the passage. The use of dialog has been employed at the start of the passage when the mother communicates to the daughter about the topic she is writing about. From the conversation, the reader can understand that the mother is concern about the daughter’s schoolwork while the daughter interacts freely with the mother by saying what she is doing openly. Further, dialog is used between the teacher and the mother when the teacher explains that she follows the curriculum in everything she teaches so that the children can pass exams. From the dialog, the mother understands why essays follow a certain structure and does not question anymore.

Words Chosen

The author has chosen simple words in the passage to explain the different situations in the passage. The words are clear and easy to understand therefore, every reader can understand the story. Further, the reader has used only one joining word, nonetheless, which is contrary to the passage (“Alberta Views The Magazine for Engaged Citizens | Categories | Blog”, 2004). However, the passage is well put together despite using less joining words and the reader can easily understand the story. The author has shown that a story does not necessarily need many joining words for it to be well understood.


The short passage is a journey of a mother towards understanding her child’s education system. In the passage, the words used by the teacher stand out at showing the importance of passing exams rather than acquiring the right knowledge. The education system and the curriculum should emphasis on knowledge acquisition rather than passing exams. The passage uses simple words that can be easily understood and interpreted therefore suitable for all types of readers. Dialog is used to bring out different important factors in the story.

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