Teamwork Is Better Than Working Alone


Comprehension of the prearranged assignment goals in the recorded stage is the preliminary purpose of every venture on an equally individual or commercial position. This results in a report full of disputes conflicting in Richard Hackman’s interpretation concerning the use of team work to bring together and finish an intricate undertaking. Hence highlights will be brought about throughout this entire report in order to attempt to support the different plausible arguments supplementary to the services provided by a team’s effort in a multifaceted assignment. Accordingly, this report is of great significance in enlightening the art of teamwork and partnership and how they are major steps when trying to achieve success in any establishment. One must think before trying to learn foremost how exactly to respond effectively to critical changing circumstances on making such a decisive and tasking approach.

Highlighting The Teamwork Argument

Teamwork is the technique of operating together with a unit in order to achieve an objective. Teams can also grow or plummet due to values, association, work relationships, style and determination. According to Guffey (2018), “The most spectacularly creative people are often introverted and prefer to work alone, which is when they do their best and most innovative work” (Page 45). This is again Hackman’s claim on his beliefs in the straining efforts of teamwork in his perspective. Now, I do believe in some cases this idea may be true. However, those same people that later on come to enhance and develop upon their original idea tend to need more thinkers in the brainstorming processes and additional steady hands in order to construct their idea to come into full fruition.

Raising Awareness to Teamwork Assignment Construction

Modern-day instructive curriculum constructs around the context of teamwork. In order to attain nonstop success, the student-body learns that they should depend on others in order to follow their ambitions. The business realm is constructed the same way. Work comrades will often gather to create presentations and assemble for meetings where team building is primary. For example, working on a project by oneself entails parting from others people, however, in this culture subjugated by socializers who thrive from human interaction/social media, team-building implementations in the workplace seems to be an ultimate condition to practice.

J. Richard Hackman opposes that though partnership between coworkers may enhance fresh viewpoints, in his opinion, teamwork eventually becomes counterproductive if left without thorough planning and a well-defined manager. A multifaceted assignment ran by a team promotes separation of obligations based on the capability of every employee. This will improve promptness and precision in the execution of responsibilities.

Instilling Teamwork Values

In order to produce effective leaders, those “leaders” must have first been followers. In other words, those followers must have had the willingness to learn and become a student. “The aim of cooperative learning is to promote effective learning in and outside of the class, via group activities. Each member works closely with each other to achieve the same objectives. Cooperative learning is able to instill teamwork values” (Azizan, M. T. et al, 2018, Para. 4). Having the skill to be cooperative with others is a task within itself. In order to work in teams and create the results needed to drive productivity, it must be done. Inspiration and modernizations are the key features linked with putting together a team to complete a difficult assignment. Delivering the proper arrangement of assorted professionals when attempting to accomplish an assignment, difficulties will arise and be solved faster than just being operated on solely by an individual. In the end, a team will dedicate themselves into discovering a solution to assignment issues while also finding operative standards to encourage different understandings of its purpose.

Employee Involvement Program

A well-articulated substitute imperative to teamwork is implementing an employee involvement program om job sites. “..A well-implemented EI program may help organizations achieve a flatter structure, eliminate substantial amounts of staff and support work, and improve productivity, quality, and employee attitudes—issues critical for companies to keep a strong position in a highly competitive marketplace (Cotton, 1993; Lawler, 1994)( Daily, B. F., & Bishop, J. W. (2003). It is intended to inspire employee duty towards structural attainment. Design of work and business units for fuller business involvement and employee motivation is the goal. If companies focus most on this aspect alone then the results will not be huge.


There is much evidence that proves utilizing a team to complete an intricate assignment is the finest approach to use. Principally, Hackman presented research presenting that systematic team performance is habitually of less importance to use than an individual’s involvement while unaided. In order to put a halt that comparison, people demand supporting circumstances, constructive aftermaths over time, as well as strong strategical influences, which is in fact all features that Richard Hackman wouldn’t oppose too. Demonstrative settings centering around teamwork and fellowship is ideal. Managers that are crafty will invest additional attention into building teams alongside resilient leadership commands and empowering characteristics. Choosing team members with strong records of prosperous alliance will become second nature to those they choose to work with in the future. When divergence arises, they will stand tall and uphold their territory within the restrictions of employment to accomplish only the best outcomes. It has become apparent to determine that a systematized assemblage overshadows an individually coordinated scheme when regarding the execution of project responsibilities.

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