I Want to Go to College

Focusing on taking my education to the next level, I constantly want to be learning new information about the subjects that interest me. Going to college I expect myself to learn new used ul information surrounding the subject. Learning is significant because it will always allow humans to move towards the next step and not stay in the same place as before. It is critical that we always want to continue with our path in life no matter what you’re doing as long as it is beneficial to the world in any way shape or form. Going to the next step proves that we are capable of doing significantly more, meaning that we evolve as a person. Compared to the Enlightenment Era where society was being leaned towards living life more ethically, constructing a better future. When one attends college or uses their time productively by following their ambitions we continue moving towards an improved form of learning. We constantly take the next lesson that will lead us towards a promising future because we practice and practice our routine in life giving it an attempt to learn from the good.

Meeting new people to help improve my connections. Improve my habits of desire to make new friends instead of isolating myself and making that a habit. To prevent this, I learned that it’s crucial to engage in conversations whenever possible. Doing this expands your possibilities of recognizing people that demonstrate the same interests as you. Since it is easier to talk about something you and the other person relate to the most instead of talking about your differences. By a small talk you guys become friends, further into the relationship there is opportunity to convince one another on how great your favorite activity might be and you end up making new habit. You do the activity with your new friend then you also meet new people that interest you. There are numerous possibilities by always staying out of your comfort zone and preventing isolation.

Earn myself a great career that will allow me to earn a high paying job and have joy towards the field of work I hope I treat as a hobby. By taking pride and providing constant self-improvement in my career, this will impact me by giving me a positive feeling towards my job. College plays a role because it is the foundation to most people’s success, always trying to be great. Money is significant in my career because more money leads to a better lifestyle and overall a healthier life. Money is considered to be the root of all evil because it is mainly used in unethical ways, but that doesn’t mean there are virtuous ways people can use their hard earned money. The amount of your work is continuously paying off depending on how you have managed to generate an income. Having the ability to pay for your children’s necessities and raising them in a great community all because you strived to make it happen when you were going through your own education, buying your parents their dream house because you’ve worked hard enough to make it into a reality. All depending how hard the person works to earn the desired amount of money to put their dreams in front of them.

Become a great influence to my younger relatives. Demonstrating the fact that wanting to pursue a higher education is worth it. There is role models that influence other people to do great, impacting others to want to be the same. I recently found out about the rivalry of my 2 younger cousins named Hailey(3rd Grade) and Ashley(4th Grade). Where Ashley gets jealous of Hailey because Hailey performs outstanding in school giving her more attention whereas Ashley performs the minimum. Coincidentally, this occured to my brother and I. Instead of me having envy towards my brother I thought of being just like him so we can both earn the same recognition and strive together. Explaining this to my younger cousins I have supported their sisterhood to lean towards a more powerful relationship. Giving them a life example, my brother and I both seek to continue our education in College and working with one another to keep that affiliated ambition to not stay stuck in the same stages of life. Always wanting to improve our current circumstance while remaining in the present moment.

College is crucial to those who aren’t likely to become a superstar, actor, or a singer. We all don’t know for a fact if we are going to become self made millionaires so College is there to help provide a boundary to reach your desired level of life the only downside is the amount of effort and time it takes up. People have a choice in life to go further to acquire more wealth or stay in the same level of class. Overall slowly, but surely if you are up for the task.

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