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Critical Thinking Essay

Critical thinking is a valuable and greatly encouraged skill. In the article “Becoming a Critic of your Thinking” (2004) Elder and Paul discuss four key factors important for critical thinking. Clarifying thought, sticking to the point, questioning questions and being reasonable are constructive methods of implementing critical thinking. Personally, these methods worked well for me […]

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Humanism in The Works of Shakespeare

Noticeable in Goneril and Regan’s deceitful remarks about their love for their father is the fact they reflect profound levels of wit (Shakespeare, King Lear 8). The nature of flattery is that it requires high levels of intellectualism, particularly when it is targeted to an intelligent audience. King Lear has his spirits uplifted by listening […]

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My Teaching Philosophy

I feel fortunate to have had the opportunity to teach a variety of topics in different classroom environments throughout my career. My experience with teaching started as early as my undergraduate school in my home city of Saint-Petersburg, Russia, where I tutored several of my classmates in analytical and physical chemistry. Due to these activities, […]

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Self-Reflection on My Experience as a Writer in My English | Class

English I was more than I expected. When you come from middle school with all A’s and the confidence that you will reach the stars, you would think that English I in high school would be a breeze. But I was wrong. It seemed like a dream in the first few weeks of school, but once […]

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