Current Event: Juvenile Delinquency with Applicable Theory

On Sunday, Officers learned that a 31-year old man named Antonio had attacked two women and began pursuing him (KPLC Digital Staff, 2017). The police encountered Antonio on Wednesday who led them on a high-speed chase before he lost control of his car and crashed into a residence. Antonio then fled on foot leaving an infant child behind. Antonio ran into a 56-year-old woman’s residence and held her for an hour before fleeing and leaving the woman unharmed. Police later learned that Antonio was at one of his family members named Katrina residence. Katrina is believed to have helped Antonio escape. Katrina was arrested on the same day and charged with contributing to juvenile delinquency, and obstruction of justice (KPLC Digital Staff, 2017).

Another friend and a family member by the name of Jessica was also arrested and charged with the same. The above is an example of the Rational choice theory. The theory states that people always make logical and prudent decisions. They make these choices to get the greatest satisfaction or benefit. The motives behind Antonio actions are unknown. However, the two family members and friend broke the law to protect Antonino. They made a choice to commit a crime based on their need to protect their friend and family member.

Although they did not attain any money, sex, or status, they benefited from the satisfaction of helping a friend and family member. According to them helping a family member was greater than the consequences of breaking the law. The family members and friend failed to weigh the legal consequences involved with committing these crimes. They did not want Antonio to be convicted because this would mean a loss for them. A free Antonio would give them more satisfaction and pleasure.


KPLC Digital Staff. (2017). UPDATE: Arrests made in search for fugitive in Lake Charles. Retrieved June 20, 2017, from KPLC TV:

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