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Cyberbullying and the First Amendment

According to the student code of conduct the, bullying is listed as any hostile or unwelcomed conduct meant to demean, or intimidate a victim. Despite the detail in regards to bullying, the district’s has not yet updated their handbook with our cultures Within the school district I am employed, there has not been a great […]

Pages: 3 Words: 797

Should Pornography be Protected by the First Amendment

Porn is by no means natural. In modern day context, pornography is manufactured “explicit media” which is commercially or amateurishly produced for the viewing by others who are looking for some sort of sexual gratification. The internet acts as the main hub of these productions; anyone with internet access and a computer device has entry […]

Pages: 5 Words: 1529
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Freedom of Speech and the First Amendment

Do you agree that freedom should have no limitations? Can you call it freedom if you are limited on what you can say or do? Boundaries, limitations, and violation of rights has been an issue when it comes to freedom of speech for quite some time now. People could be accused of hate speech if […]

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