Distinguishing between our Society and ‘the Giver’

Our society and the society from The Giver have a mass amount of differences, but they still have a minimal amount of similarities. For example, the societies both have jobs that support the communities/economy, but this does not mean that they are even close to the same. The GIver’s society has their jobs decided for them while we choose what we want. In our society we can also choose what to wear on a day to day basis when the community members from The Giver have to follow a strict dress code depending on their age. In The Giver, they cannot leave the community at any time under any circumstances when on the contrary we can travel all around the world without being punished. Also, when members from the community committed 3 crimes they would be killed or “released” while we still get punished but only to an extent.

In the society from The Giver the citizens in the community have to follow a strict dress code depending on their age. While we have the freedom to choose whatever we want to wear at any age that we want. A piece of evidence to support my claim from page 59 states”There was different clothing for elevens as the females, whose bodies were beginning to change, and for the males a new pair of trousers with a fitted pocket for their new calculator.” This demonstrates how they have such a lack of choice in their day to day lives.

The citizens in the book The Giver cannot leave their community at any moment under any circumstances. On the contrary, we can leave our city/state whenever we feel the need to.:Evidence to support my answer is on page 207 as it states”Jonas had been breaking major rules rule 1 he had left the dwelling at night a major transgression rule 2 he was attempting to leave the community maybe the most serious rule.” This key difference helps demonstrate the lack of freedom that the members of this community have.

The people in the community get killed or “ releases if they break the rules. Us on the other hand, get punished to an extent depending on the severity. My answer can be supported by this statement on page 11” You know there is no third chance.The rules say that if there i a third transgression you simply have to be released.” This supports my claim on how serious the community’s rules are to be taken.

In conclusion, the two societies have many, many differences but within those differences there is some minimal similarities. For example the two communities have to work they have to go through school and they also celebrate changing of age.

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