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Cyber Security Is Not a New Issue

Abstract The subject I want to write about for my term paper is Cyber security and how it relates to Saint Leo’s core value of integrity as requested: “Cyber Security is not a new issue. In fact, there has always been opportunistic people. Since the Internet was opened publicly years ago, security of the Internet […]

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Cyber Security Guide for Dummies

As children, we often dream of what we want to do when we grow up. We don’t always get the job that we want as young children. As we grow up, however, sometimes we discover that we wouldn’t enjoy doing the things we wanted to do as children. Instead, we learn what we like and […]

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Cyber Security on Email Using Spam Mail Detection

Abstract–Electronic mail, also known as email or e-mail, is a method of exchanging digital messages from an author to one or more recipients. Email is the most efficient way to communicate or transfer our data from one to another. While transferring or communicating through email there is the possibility of misbehave. In the existing system […]

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Cyber Security and The Issues Surrounding The Safety of Information

Modern society today is more attached to technology than ever before, with people of all ages constantly checking their phones and tablets for the latest news updates. With society always using technological devices for a plethora of their needs, people leave precious info easily accessible to those with the knowledge and tools to obtain it. […]

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Wannacry a Cyber Security Issue

Despite the growth of technology displaying definite significant to the society, it has been subjected to many challenges with the most conspicuous challenge being the cyber security issue. To be in a position of defining how cyber security has negatively affected the technology industry, it serves great importance mentioning that cyber security is a set […]

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The National Effects of Cyber Security and How It Affects The Nation

The nation’s cyber-security posture is aging, and lacking experienced professionals. Recent claims by cyber-security professional McAfee have highlighted the government’s inability to draw top candidates to protect our nation’s secrets. States that are being affected by the economic crisis may be restrained from in vesting towards new cyber security defense. Cyber security can be viewed […]

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The Several Methods for Cyber Security

In the controversial book published by Robert Anton Wilson in the early 80’s, Prometheus Rising, Wilson, among other things, predicts that the world will be largely connected via cyber technology by 2010. At a time when the primary means of communication was the sole telephone inside one’s home, Wilson’s prediction was gutsy. However, as any […]

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The Impact and Use of a Good Cyber Security in Marketing a Company

Introduction In any organization, marketing is aimed at creating awareness by using effective advertising techniques, selling and delivering the products and understanding the needs of the clients. Due to increase in adoption of technology in most organizations, marketing has become more online than it was before. Internet has become the point of contact and interaction […]

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Can We Be Proactive Than Reactive to Stop Cyber Security Attacks?

A data security breach is a severe security incident wherein personally identifiable information (PII)/ protected Health Information (PHI)/financial data gets accessed by unauthorized individuals. Cyberattacks have become increasingly common with the increment in the technology advancements as we progress towards much sophisticated digital world. In the order of precedence, the most common type of data […]

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An Introduction to The Weak Usa Cyber Policy Vs Chinas Security Threat to The Usa

Abstract A cyber spy network based mainly in China hacked into classified documents from government and private organizations. One of the biggest questions still remains unanswered. Should the U.S. Congress conduct an in depth assessment of Chinese cyber spying and consider imposing tougher penalties on companies that benefit from industrial espionage. In this paper I […]

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Major Security Breaches in Recent Time

Introduction To be able to defend against cyberattacks, it is important for the defenders to understand how hackers think. Sun Tzu once said, “If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles”. Therefore, one of the first things one should look at is the history of […]

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Vulnerabilities to Cyber Attacks

It seems reports of cyber attacks and massive data breaches are almost a daily occurrence. As time goes on the war against hackers has followed the same pattern as all other wars; each new weapon is ultimately met with a new defense, ad infinitum. Articles and blogs dealing with cyber security are filled with acronyms […]

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Reasons of Cyber Attacks

1. Substandard User ID and Password Every individual need to have their own password secure and stronger. For an instance strong password can be obtained by latest maintaining minimum of having15-character length with an least one special character, number, capital and small alphabet. Most importantly choosing password like own name, date of birth, phone number […]

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The Future of Cyber Warfare

A new kind of warfare In recent years, the nature of warfare in the United States has gone through a major shift from physical to online due to a major increase in state-sponsored cyber-attacks. Cyber warfare refers to the use of cyber-attacks by one country to disrupt the computer systems of another. Future wars will […]

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The Issue of The Security of The Internet

It’s 3:30 pm on a Tuesday, and an urgent phone call is received by the bank manager advising him that the network is ‘acting-up’ again. Frozen systems, blue screens, and data losses are occurring on workstations around the entire bank. Employees sit at their cubicles dumbfounded, as they no longer have control over their computers. […]

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Enhancements in The European Union’s Cyber Defense

Abstract The European Union (EU) is an economic and political union of 28 countries. It operates an internal (or single) market which allows free movement of goods, capital, services and people between member states. The EU and its member states are a hub of economic activity and home to a large number of highly networked […]

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The Issues Surrounding Our Cybersecurity

One time, a person had gotten a virus on their computer. They were asked if they had an up-to-date operating system if they had a good password, and how they got the virus. They explained that their operating system was outdated, their password was their first name, and they remember clicking a link for a […]

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Cyberwar: Myth or Reality?

Cyberwar is more than a show on VICELAND. While I enjoy the show, it’s not the definition of cyberwar, despite it’s name. Cyberwar can be defined as using digital attacks by a country or nation to disrupt the computer systems of another. It is important to remember intent here as well. Cyber-attacks committed by an […]

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An Introduction to Cybersecurity and Its Importance in The Modern World

Introduction: Cybersecurity can be known as the practices and methods that are combined together to protect computer networks, programs and information from being attack by a hacker, malware, spyware, phishing, farming, or any other form of data attacks. When we talk about the security in computer context then we call it cyber security. Cybersecurity is […]

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