Which Phone Should I Choose: Iphone or Android

Many people today own an Apple or Android device. Although there are a few similarities between the two like texting and calling, you might find out that there are more differences such as cost, function, features, and quality. IPhone and Android phones are high quality devices, but have certain aspects that are higher to one another.

Smartphones can be super expensive. An average price for an Apple device starts at 800 dollars and rises depending on the year model. IPhones can be a bit pricey, but many people choose an iPhone rather than an Android device because it more is simple to use. Android phones offer a variety of phones from basic to advanced, and are more reasonably priced. Talking about another prices that involves these two phones would be apps. On Android devices you have a play store that’s filled with music, games, movies, wallpapers, etc, that are all free. Looking at the iPhone you will notice the apps in the apps store appear to have prices rather than being free like the Android. So when thinking of the different prices, remember the price you will be investing for a phone.

Apple has an additional function that Android phones do not acquire, which allows you to make facetime calls. This feature makes people feel like they have real interactions with others. To be able to function an Apple and an Android device, you must create an account. Apple products have similarities with their software that is installed in their iPhones, computers, and laptops. This makes it super simple for people that do not understand how to use a smartphone. Although, Android phones offer create account feature, their software is completely different depending on the phone. It can be super complex and confusing for someone who has never owned or used a smartphone. Another difference between the two is all Apple devices have the same chargers.

Like Androids they all do not have the same chargers; depending on the phone. Siri is also an additional feature that is used by Apple that is not used by Android. “Siri is a virtual assistant part of the Apple Incorporation that supports a wide range of user commands, including performing phone actions, checking basic information, handling device settings, navigating areas, searching the internet, and is able to engage with iOS integrated apps.” Sadly Android devices do not yet hold these functions.

Because you might find out that there are more differences such as cost, function, features, and quality, buying a phone could be debatable between the two; However, both phones still offer amazing features and functions, and are both amazing handheld devices. It is a popular way of communicating with loved ones, guiding us, entertaining us, and teaching us. Most people cannot function without making phones a part of their life. So when you are trying to debate on which device you would like, just close your eyes and imagine you having an iPhone or an Android device in your hand and think of all the features you would like and which phone would best be suitable for you.

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