Influence of Mother Nature

When I was young especially in junior school, I had several good experiences of playing in nature which are memorable to date. One of the memorable events was identifying trees and plants around especially those had fruits. In the course of growing up, I observed that my father grew some trees within the compound as flowers while some of them bore fruits as time went by. I keenly observed the differences in those trees and always asked my father their real names and the possible uses. That is the time I realized that he grew some of them purposely for beauty while others were meant to bear fruits.

What remain memorable are the trees that bore fruits because as far as I was concerned by then, fruits are meant to be eaten. This is the time I realized that not all fruits are edible particularly by human beings. My father only grew fruit bearing trees edible by human beings. I was then curious to know which type of trees that was not edible. This is the time my father took me to a nature walk in the nearby forest to identify some species of trees that I remember to date. As he was identifying one fruit bearing trees after the other, I paid attention to know what I was required to eat and the one to avoid. This was indeed memorable to me because to date, I can identify the most common edible fruit bearing trees and what cannot be consumed by human beings. Besides this, I have the potential to tell some of the trees that are grown for medicinal value and how they are used for this purpose. Therefore, by paying attention to what my father told me, I can classify trees accordingly.

I have benefited from nature play experiences in different ways as far as my own development is concerned. The experience increased my awareness and identity of the surrounding environment by drawing my attention to what can be consumed and what to avoid. This is beneficial to me as I fully understand that some fruits the nature provides to us are poisonous and not meant for human consumption. I am familiar with what I am supposed to consume and at the same time taking high degree of caution by avoiding what I know little about. This is indeed critical to my health as I take only what is supposed to be eaten and seek clarification on what I know little about.

Likewise, this has helped me pay attention to classifying the trees to certain species even in cases where I know little about them. With the help of the internet, I currently search for a tree guide from various sources paying attention to what is said about those trees. I have also developed as an individual by positively interacting with the environment, appreciating what it provides to me for consumption and taking caution of the medicinal value plants. In the course of interacting with the environment, I know where to get some particular trees and plants from. For the case of those bearing fruits, I know when they are ready for harvest and the seasons they are ready for consumption. The attention I used to pay when I was young is still the same as at now. I am very cautious when handling the environment and the natural resources it provides to us for consumption like trees and fruits. The most important thing is to identify them according to their species to identify whether to consume them or not.

Nature experiences can contribute to my current personal and interpersonal development in various ways. For instance, I can make proper use of various tools given that each is meant for a particular purpose. Through observation, I can easily tell what a given tool is meant for. Likewise, they have facilitated my communication with people around me whether I know them in person or not. While interacting with people, nature experiences enables me understand the correct method to use depending on who I am talking to. The fact that I pay attention to detail, nature enables me to learn several things through observations and concluding accordingly. The experiences also enable me to analyze a situation thereby differentiating facts from realities. This is why it takes me time to take an action especially when I am in dilemma because I know it pays to analyze a situation properly. They also help in synthesizing a material to come out with something meaningful. The nature experiences have therefore; contributed to my personal development thereby making me succeed in life and enabling me make recommendable steps in whatever I do.

My interpersonal development especially communicating and positively interacting with other people collectively can be positively affected by nature experiences. Currently, I interact with fellows from various cultural backgrounds distinct from mine. In the course of interaction, we positively engage one another to reach a meaningful conclusion. Nature experiences expose me to different people especially those I am not related to. This is crucial in carrying out most of the daily operations.

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