Nikola Tesla and his Benefactions to the Modern World

Do you ever sit down after a draining busy day and turn on the Television with a wireless remote? If so, you can thank the inventor Nikola tesla who created many of the common items we use today. The term “Tesla” refers to the electronic vehicle that was recently released to the public, not a lot of people pay attention to the history behind the name. Nikola Tesla was an inventor who started testing on electric current, he created the Tesla coil used in the electronic vehicle, he created the remote control we use today, he invented the Tesla turbine used in the electronic vehicle, and he was the founder of the The Earthquake Machine. Nikola Tesla was an inventor who invented the remote control and also the Tesla coil used in our now released electronic vehicles, these inventions changed the world.

However, Nikola tesla was an inventor who started testing on electric current. Nikola was inspired by his mother to start working with electric current. Nikola’s mother was an inventor herself and often created small household items in her free time. Nikola had four other siblings. His father had multiple different professions, he was a Orthodox, a Priest, and a writer. Nikola’s father tried to get Nikola interested in ministry. He was not interested in ministry and focused on science. However, Nikola was not the inventor of the electric powered vehicle, his invention of the Tesla coil was a main factor of the vehicle. The coil was also useful for wireless communication. The Tesla coil provided the world with wireless communication. With the creation of the Tesla coil the world was now able to send and receive signals when on the same frequency. When you are on the same frequency, you are able to hear the same sounds as the other person. This changed the world because it was the first wireless communication system ( Editors).

Although, remote controls are widely used across the world, not very many people know the history behind the wireless tool. Remote controls were first designed by Nikola Tesla. Nikola used a remote to send radioactive waves to a boat and made it respond to what he was doing. Nikola worked hard on his invention but it was not what the Navy was looking for. The Navy needed something more stable and advanced. His invention of the boat was not able to withstand a war. Others took what he had started and began to create bigger, stronger, and more advanced remote controlled items (Chandler).

Although, Nikola could not create an item up to the Navy’s standards, another inventor named Leonardo Torres-Quevedo Took what he had started and began to create wireless transmitters to control larger items. The inventor first started with a tricycle, an engine operated boat, and torpedos designed for a submarine. The Navy was pleased with the inventions and used remote operated boats in World War I. Not only did it do damage, but it saved our friendly troops from going into combat and risking their lives. This was a game changer and was only the beginning to a commonly used wireless tool (Chandler).

However, we talked about the history of the remote control, we have not talked about the everyday use of the remote control. The remote control is a wireless tool that is very common in every household. Almost all devices in today’s world require a remote control to signal to change the volume, the channel, or to power the device on or off. A few common things we use remote controls for are televisions, remote start on vehicles, or entertainment systems. Without the start of Nikola Tesla’s invention, we would not have the remote control we use everyday (Chandler).

Although Nikola Tesla had other inventions, the Tesla turbine was said to be one of his most important inventions. In an original turbine you picture something producing constant power with metal blades. On an original turbine it is flowed with gas, oil, or steam. In the Tesla turbine does not have any blades. The Tesla turbine has discs connected to a shaft that is well arranged. Furthermore, the best thing about the Tesla turbine is that it does not use fuel, coal, steam, or any natural resource (Harris).

The Tesla turbine does not use any natural resources and it is the most efficient turbine as of today. This turbine could benefit us in many ways, it could power our cars or our airplanes. If we could find a way to eliminate the use of natural resources we would have a better chance of saving the deforestation, degraded soils, polluted air, water, and the huge declines in numbers of fish and other species. The job of any engine is to produce power from a fuel source, whether it is gasoline, diesel, steam, coal, or any other additive to make the engine run and produce power. The fuel is the liquid that supplies the force of the engine and also helps cool the engine down (Harris).

However, both turbines work well and have a purpose, the Tesla turbine is the better option between the two. The original bladed turbine is heavier, consists of more parts, and if not built properly the blades will break. Tesla’s turbine was bladeless which prevented the blades from breaking. The turbine would still use a liquid to fuel the energy required for the engine (Harris).

Nikola Tesla was an inventor that created something truly amazing, he created a device called the `Earthquake Machine”. The “Earthquake Machine” was a device that was involved with energy transfer. Energy transfer is taking one form of energy and putting it into another form of energy. Nikola took what he had and created an alternating current system. With this system he was able to transmit electricity long distances. This changed the world providing the world with the availability to send electricity long distances. Nikola Tesla’s inventions were very beneficial even in today’s world (Bressan).

Nikola Tesla is one of the most creative inventors, his life came to an end on January 7, 1943. Nikola Tesla created many inventions that we still use today. Nikola created the Tesla coil that is used in the electronic vehicle named after the inventor Nikola Tesla. Nikola’s cause of death was coronary thrombosis. He was 86 years old. He passed away in a hotel room in New York City ( editors).

Nikola Tesla was a well known inventor who changed the world with his inventions. Nikola created these inventions, he started testing on electric current, he created the Tesla coil used in the electronic vehicle, he created the remote control we use today, he created the Tesla turbine used in the electronic vehicle, and he created The Earthquake Machine. With these unique inventions the world has been more beneficial and life is easier with these inventions. In today’s world technology is at our fingertips so you can thank Nikola Tesla for being the reason you can sit down on the couch and change your channels or your volume with his start to the creation of the remote control.

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