The Holocaust That Happened During World War 2

Have you ever read about the Holocaust that happened during World War 2? Anne Frank and her family went into hiding after the invasion of German police in their town. Anne Frank is remembered for her background, her diary she wrote while in hiding and her impact on the world.

On June 12, 1929, Anne Frank was born in Frankfurt, Germany. “Her parents were Otto and Edith Frank” (“Anne Frank:Biography: The Holocaust Encyclopedia”). Anne also had a sister named Margot (“Anne Frank Biography- Biography”). Otto Frank was a businessman (Anne Frank- HISTORY). Anne’s parents got married on May 12, 1925. When Anne was born her parents were married for four years (van der Rol and Verhoeven, 7). The Franks moved to Amsterdam in the fall of 1933 (“Anne Frank- HISTORY”).

Anne and her family hid in a secret attic on 263 Prinsengracht street for two years. The police found their hiding place on August 2, 1944. They then got arrested that same day. The police put the Franks on a train to Auschwitz- Birkenau on September 4. In October of 1944, Anne and Margot were sent to the Bergen- Belsen concentration camp in Germany. Anne’s father survived after the war and got her diary published. Anne’s mother died in January 1945. Anne’s father died on August 19, 1980 (van der Rol and Verhoeven, 105). Anne and Margot died in March 1945 of typhus (“Anne Frank: Biography: The Holocaust Encyclopedia”).

“People from all over the world learn Anne Frank’s story” (“The story of Anne Frank: The story in brief”). Anne got her diary for her 13th birthday in 1942 (“Anne Frank Biography- Biography”). Her diary was published in fifty-five different languages and more than 20 million copies were sold (van der Vol and Verhoeven, 104). Anne’s father answered thousands of letters over the years from people who have read her diary. The Anne Frank House became a museum in 1960 (“The story of Anne Frank: The story in brief”). Anne became a symbol for the millions of innocent Jewish people who were killed by Nazis (van der Vol and Verhoeven, 104). Anne Frank is remembered for her background before her and her family went into hiding. Her diary she wrote while in hiding and her impact she left on the world.