Anne Frank’s Role Model is her Father, Otto Frank

Anne frank is most known for being a victim of the World War II Holocaust, and she is also known for her written diary that was based on how she lived during the Holocaust time period. Anne’s legacy is her diary because if it wasn’t for her, we wouldn’t have known how the Jewish were being oppressed. We can gain all of this information when Eleanor Roosevelt introduces the book with, “This is a remarkable book. Written by a young girl- and the young are not afraid of telling the truth it is on of the wisest and most moving commentaries on war and its impact on human beings that i have ever read.” ( Frank Introduction)

One thing that makes Anne Frank interesting is that she tends to tell everything to her diary because it helps her not feel lonely and in fear when she is hiding from the Nazis. She demonstrates this when she writes on her diary on June 20, 1942, “I don’t want set down a series of bold facts in a diary like most people do, but I want this diary itself to be my friend, and I shall call my friend kitty.” (Frank 3)

Anne’s greatest strength was that she was prudent and hopeful. Everytime she was given mocking looks, horrible words and accusations, she didn’t say anything. Instead, she kept everything to herself as she pointed out in her diary when she states, “…they mustn’t know my despair, I can’t let them see the wounds which they have caused. I couldn’t bear their sympathy and their kind hearted jokes, it would only make me want to scream all the more.” (Frank 65). Another of her greatest strengths was her being hopeful. She mentions, “I hope one thing only, and that is that this hatred of the jews will be a passing thing, that the dutch will show what they are after all, and that they will never totter and lose their sense of right.” (Frank 239). This signifies that she hopes people can change their wrong ways to become better people.

Anne’s greatest weakness was not being able to stay strong when war became more dangerous which led to doubt if her family and she would be able to survive. She begins to get depressed and pleads for someone to help them when she writes in her diary, “We all look down below, where people are fighting each other, we look above, where it is quiet and beautiful, and meanwhile we are cut off by the great dark mass, which will not let us go upwards, but which stands before us as an impenetrable wall, it tries to crush us, but cannot do so yer. I only cry and implore: oh, if only the black circle could recede and open the way for us.” (Anne Frank 115). To be able to overcome all of this, she had to be able to stay quiet and had to be capable of eating small amounts of foods because she shared a place, which she called the secret annexe, with seven other people.Unfortunately, only Anne’s father survived while the rest of her family were sent to concentration camps.

Anne F rank impacted society by demonstrating through her diary how a person can be strong even through their worst moments. Eleanor Roosevelt mentions in The Diary of Anne frank, “Despite the horror and the humiliation of their daily lives, these people never gave up.” (Frank Introduction). Anne Frank developed leadership qualities of being loyal. She demonstrates loyalty when she leaves her cat in good hands with her neighbors in page 15 of Anne Frank’s diary.

The most important helper Anne Frank had along her way was Miep. Anne Frank points out that this person helped her when she wrote, “Elli and Miep collected our rations for us.” (Frank 19). Miep provided them with many other things such as news and clothing, but the one thing she provided to the Franks was her friendship because she stuck with them through the end. If it weren’t for Miep, Otto Frank would have not been able to publish Anne’s diary, because Miep found it when the family was captured.

Anne Frank experiences her darkest moment with the Holocaust because if the Holocaust didn’t happen, not as many innocent people would’ve died, including Anne Frank’s family. This is shown when Eleanor Roosevelt introduces the Diary of Anne Frank with, “Anne Frank’s account of the changes wrought upon eight people hiding out from the Nazis for two years during the occupation of Holland, living in constant fear and isolation, imprisoned not only by the terrible outward circumstances of war but inwardly by themselves.” (Frank Introduction).

The turning point that changed Anne Frank’s life was when Anne’s father started talking to them about hiding. Anne mentioned this when se states “When we walked our little square together a few days ago, daddy began to talk to us going into hiding.” (Frank 12). This was the turning point because Anne realized something was happening against the Jews meaning they were being sent to concentration camps.

Anne Frank’s role model is her father, Otto Frank. In her diary she got into an argument with her sister, Margot, for reading one of her books without permission. That’s when she mentions, “With daddy it’s different. If he holds Margot up as an example, approves of what she does, praises and caresses her, then something gnaws at me inside, because I adore Daddy. He’s the one I look up to. I don’t love anybody in the world but him.” (Frank 44). This shows that no matter what everybody else did around her, the only person she observed was her dad because, in her eyes, he was perfect to her.

A current event that Anne Frank would champion currently would be how the president, Donald Trump, is trying to deport illegal immigrants. Anne Frank mentioned in her diary, “We always hear that we’re all fighting together for freedom, truth, and right!” (Frank 238). Anne Frank can be seen as a girl who wants equality which is why she could champion the decision Trump has made

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