Anne Frank was a German Jewish Girl

Anne Frank was a German Jewish girl. Her full name was Annelies Marie Frank. Anne was just her nickname. Anne was born on June 12, 1929.She sadly died on March 1945.She was 15 when she died. Anne Frank was a good person. The last time she was seen in school was in 1940 two years right before she went hiding with her family in their annex. Fun fact Anne was a diarist, but we will get to that later. On Anne’s 13th birthday she got a diary. That diary was how she became famous. She began writing in it on 14th of June.She became famous on June 12, 1942.In 1944 she rewrote her diary.She used to call her diary ‘’Kitty’’. Anne didn’t really have an inspirational person because she was a famous for writing in her diary.


Her father’s name was Otta he was a German businessman. He also served in the German army during World War One. When her family went hiding in 1942 her father transferred control of his business. She and her family went hiding in a secret annex. There was a bookcase covering the entrance to the annex. They hid in the annex for more than two years. Anne surprisingly spent her 14th and 15th birthday in that annex. they hid in the annex because that was when War was happening. They were safe in the secret annex.


My person does inspire me. I think its brave how she stayed in that annex for more than one year. Plus, she had both of her birthdays in the secret annex. Which is cool. I could probably even be like her. Why well because I do like to write and after all she was famous for writing in her diary. If I want to be like her this is what I would do. First, I would start writing more often. Then I would probably write about my life like if I was writing a book. Last, I would try publishing my book. It may not be entirely like her but, that’s how I would start off. A person she does remind me of is my cousin who writes in her diary a lot. I have never read my cousin’s diary, but I think she also talks about her life just like Anne. Also, my cousin wants to be famous when she grows up. My cousin finds writing fascinating

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