Durning the Two Years of Anne Writing her Diary

This story begins in Amsterdam, Holland. Anne Frank had just turned thirteen. She received a diary for her birthday. She would write all her thoughts in. At first she felt that is was a bit odd to write in a diary but then she realized she preferred it. Even though Anne had her dad Otto, her sister Margot, and her mother Edith Frank. Anne felt as if she was alone in the world. She wrote in her diary about what was going on in school and what her feelings were. Anne was just starting to like being thirteen. Little did Anne Frank know her life with change within just a month.

World War II had just begun. After the Germans invaded the Netherlands in 1940, Anne and her family were forced into hiding. With another family the van Daans. They moved into a small secret hiding attic above Anne’s dad, Otto’s office where they had food and supplies. The employees from Otto Frank firm helped hide them and kept them supplied with food, medicine, and information about the world outside of them.

Anne matures throughout her diary entries, moving from detailed entries of basic activities to deeper thoughts about humanity and her own self. Anne finds it difficult to understand why the Jews are being are being harassed by the Germans and why they are being persecuted. Anne also confronts her own identity. Even though she considers herself to be German she says holland is her home, the Dutch still have turned against the Jews. Anne feels lonely and believes she can’t talk to anybody. At the same time she she wants to be seen as an independent person.

Durning the two years of Anne writing her diary she deals with the complicated and difficult issues and problems of growing up in a bad and a suffering environment and what happens during the Holocaust. Her diary describes a struggle to describe herself and what she goes through. Anne’s diary ends without a comment on August 1, 1944, the end of a seemingly normal day that leaves us with the expectation of seeing another entry on the next page. However, Anne and family are betrayed to the Nazis and arrested on August 4, 1944. Anne’s diary described the life of an imaginative, friendly, petty, and rather normal teenage girl. Unfortunately Anne frank died in February 1945.

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