Anne Frank was a Jewish Girl who was Born a Small Town in Germany

Anne Frank was a Jewish girl who was born on June 12, 1929 in Frankfurt, a small town in Germany. She grew up with her mother Edith Frank, her father Otto Frank, and her older sister Margot Frank. Her father fought during World War 1 before she was born. There was always Nazi soldiers in her town observing for any Jews that they could arrest. So her family fled to Holland so her family could stay safe because they heard about Hitler.

Anne frank is best recognized for living in the Holocaust. She is also very well known for inspiring many people with her book, Diary of Anne Frank. Her father published the book for her since she died from typhus in Bergen Belsen concentration Camp before she was able to publish her book. Lastly she is known for hiding form Nazis soldiers for two years before found and taken to different concentration camps. Her family also hid from the soldiers for two months.

Her other accomplishments were writing Diary of Anne Frank and explaining her life hiding, being captured, and tortured. It is the second bestselling book after the Bible. That made her famous today. She hasn’t won any awards because she only lived to the age of fourteen and died with her sister who was seventeen. That was popular for people because Anne and her sister were in the worst concentration camp at that time.

She has many interesting facts about her. The first one is her father published Anne’s book based on her diary a couple months after she died because she didn’t get back from the concentration camp soon enough to publish it. Not many people know this but Anne named her diary Kitty after her imaginary friend also named Kitty. Another cool fact is that her diary was her thirteenth birthday present and then she went back and wrote about her childhood hoping to one day publish her book. The last fact about her is her real name isn’t Anne it is Annelies.

I liked learning more about Anne Frank and her life living during the holocaust. She was an interesting person to research. My favorite fact about her was her diary’s name because I didn’t know she named it. She taught me many things about her life and family. I hope you liked learning about her just like I did.

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