My Opinion About 'Harry Potter'

‘Words are, in my not-so-humble opinion, our most inexhaustible source of magic.’. Throughout the years the Harry Potter series has grown quite a bit of popularity through the years. With several movie adaptations of the books and ever growing fanbase Harry Potter has something for everyone. There is something for everyone in these books. From quidditch matches, to sorting hats to even a powerful villain that is taken down at the end; there’s always something exciting about the Harry Potter series that has aged quite well over time. The way JK Rowling portrays this world, anyone who’s reads the books would feel the allure of living in a magical world. One of the main reasons I think Harry Potter is so magical is because it literally transports you to another world, a world I think everyone’s dreamed about at some point or another. The Harry Potter series has shaped my generation and many generations with a timeless storyline and being able to step into a whole other world is beyond amazing.

For me Harry Potter had always been a part of my life one way or another. The daring adventures the faraway places it was always my dream to go to Hogwarts and be just like Harry Potter. Millions of fans around the globe have come to love these books and what they stand for. With the books themselves as well as the movies JK shows problems everyone can identify with. Whether it’s overcoming stereotypes, like Malfoy did in the last book, or showing money problems, like with the Weasleys. Rowling shows the everyday problems that everyone faces. I think that one of the things about Harry Potter is that it is so realistic, but in a kid-friendly way. And I understand plenty of things in the books aren’t meant for kids, but a kid can still read them and enjoy them. But as you get older, you only appreciate Harry Potter more because you realize everything that JK has I corporates into her books.

JK teaches kids about things that are hard to understand, without making it too difficult. She manages to transport readers to another world and still accurately show how people deal with struggles. Me for example was always bullied as a kid growing for being a little bit of a klutzy person so I really related to Neville a lot growing up. He was always bullied, and I was always that awkward kid just like he was but reading the books actually helped me come out of my shell and stand up for myself. It worked out for me in the long run and I think the books allowed me to do that. The series itself is so appealing because it makes people want to read and escape reality even if it’s just for a little while.

The Harry Potter Series really changed my life and for the better to. Clearly there’s a reason why it’s so appealing to not just me but to millions of people around the world. I still find myself from time to time reading the books and watching the movies again and again simply because of how appealing the series is and always will be.

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