Harry Potter and The Sorcerer'S Stone

For my Digital Music class paper I am doing a summary paper of Harry Potter And The Sorcerer’s Stone. This movie starts out in England in a little suburb. You see a little cat and it turns into a witch named Professor McGonagall she meets with a wizard named Professor Dumbledore at the door steps of a man named Dursley. The party is greeted by a massager called Hagrid holding a little baby named Harry Potter.

Ten years later the Dursley home is run by their spoiled son, Dudley. Harry does not have a room he lives underneath the stairs. The party ends up going to the zoo to celebrate Dudley’s birthday when Harry uncontrollably makes the glass disappear and Dudley falls into the boa constrictor pit. Harry is blamed for the incident.

Soon these mysterious letters start showing up addressed to Harry. Mr Dursley tries to keep them from Harry, but his attempts fail the letters show up through every crack. Mr. Dursley ends up taking his whole family to a secluded island on the eve of Harry’s 11th birthday. During the middle of the night they hear a large bang as Hagrid enters And hands Harry a letter from Hogwarts School of Wizardry and Witchcraft. Harry then learns that the Dursley’s have been lying about his magical powers.

The next day Hagrid takes Harry to the London to get supplies. 1st they go to the wizard bank and Harry finds out his parents left him a lot of money. They shop in a place called Diagon Alley, where Harry gets a school uniform, books, ingredients for potions, and a magic wand; a twin to the evil Voldemort’s.

A little while latter Harry is eating with Hagrid and he asks how he got this scar on his forehead. Hagrid doesn’t want to tell him but tells him about the tragedy of Voldemort. He says that some wizards go bad and he was one. The one that did not join him he killed. One night he tried recruiting Harry’s parents and they refused so he killed them. He went to kill Harry but saw something then gave him the scar on his forehead. Hagrid tells Harry that there has not been any signs of Voldemort since.

A couple days latter Hagrid takes Harry to the train station. He has to go through a wall to get to platform 9 ¾. While on the train he befriends a boy named Ronald Weasley and Hermione Granger. When they get to Hogwarts they have to put on this hat that will assign them to there house; Harry hops he does not have to go to the Slytherin house. So the friend get into the Gryffindor house.

As the year goes he finds that his potions teacher Snape doesn’t like him. Hagrid tells Harry there is no reason for Snape not to like him but he still isn’t sure. During their flying lesson they are told to stay grounded then Draco Malfoy takes a toy from a boy and flys up in the air. Harry demands that he gives it back. Malfoy throws the toy in the air and Harry goes and gets it. When he comes back down Professor McGonagall takes him to to the Gryffindor Quidditch team captain and recommends him to be their seeker.

During Halloween a troll is spotted in Hogwarts so all the kids are escorted to their dorm. Harry and Ron escape to find Hermione who did not know about the troll to get her to her room. While their there the troll comes in to attack. Harry gets on the trolls back and his wand goes up the trolls nose. Ron use a spell and makes the trolls club crash down on the trolls head and killing the troll. All the teachers are shocked and award them points toward their house.

On Christmas Harry gets his Dads invisibility cloak and decides to explore the school at night. He discovers the Mirror of Erised which shows the deepest desires of who looks into it. When Harry looks he sees him and his parents. Over Christmas Break the Trio decide to try and unravel a mystery. The connection between a break in at the bank, and this Sorcerer’s Stone guarded by a 3 headed dog. The Sorcerer’s Stone is a Stone which provides unlimited wealth and long life held by a friend of Dumbledore’s named Nicolas Flamel.

A couple of weeks latter Hagrid wins a Dragon in a Poker game. It is illegal to own dragons so they get ahold of Ron’s brother in Romania who studies dragons. While getting that taken care of they get caught by Malfoy and they lose 150 points to there house. The Trio and Malfoy end up being grounded and they have to go with Hagrid to see who’s been eating the Unicorns. They get separated and Harry sees a man with a hood drinking the blood. When his mark starts to hurt the man starts to go to him then Harry is saved by a friendly centaur who tells him that is Voldormort and that he is plotting to steal the Soercerers Stone.

Harry decides to steal the Stone before Voldemort. At midnight Harry, Ron, and Hermione sneack to the corrordor where the 3 headed dog is. After they get past that they go though this sticky stuff. They get to this giant chess game in which Ron sacrifices himself for his friends. Hermione stays with Ron as Harry goes into the room to find the Stone. When he enters the room he finds Professor Quirrell, who puts him in front of the Mirrior and tries to make him say where it is. Then Harry feels the Stone in his pants pocket and tells Quirrell he sees something else then a voice says he lies. Quirrell removes his turban and there is Voldemort’s face in the back of his head. Voldemort instructs Quirrell to kill Harry but fails because he gets burned to death when he comes to contact with Harry’s skin. Then Harry passes out.

When Harry comes to he is in the hospital with Dumbledore. To tell Harry that him and Mr. Flamel have decided to destroy the Stone. Then Harry goes to the End of Year Banqet which is were the house with the most points wins. It looks like slytherin is about to win when Dumbledore awards Harry and his friends for there accomplishments making Griffindor win the house cup. Where we leave Harry is when he gets on his train to London to spend the Summer with the Dursleys.

I think the moral message of Harry Potter is to never give up even when things don’t make sense. I think a lot of us have deferent things going on in are lives that don’t make sense and if we wait which most of us aren’t good at that, but it will work out and put you on a good path. Like Harry he was basically discriminated against because of who he was and he didn’t even know it it probably didnt make a lot of sense but it did.

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