Harry Potter Story

Harry Potter is a series of stories of bravery, adventure, friendship and triumphs. Harry Potter is also about a boy who discovers he is a wizard, and he is the only one who can save muggles and magic folk alike. One of the most important lessons in Harry Potter is how to never give up even when you think you don’t have a chance. Adventures are to be expected as Harry and his friends evolves into the wizards and witches they are supposed to be. Harry Potter evolves into a confident wizard from when in the beginning, he thought he couldn’t be a wizard because he was just Harry.

From the very beginning Harry thought since he didn’t know any magic he wouldn’t be a very good wizard. Harry believed that Hogwarts made a mistake by sending him his acceptance letter because since he didn’t know any magic what kind of wizard would he be. What made his thoughts even worse was when he found out that Voldemort had the sister wand to his wand. He was scared wondering what if he shared more in common with Voldemort other than just a wand. What he didn’t rea;ize is that his heart is what makes a good witch or wizard.

In Goblet of Fire , Harry was starting to really see what kind of wizard he was meant to be. He had to start growing his confidence because he was the only 14 year old to be entered in the Triwizard tournament. The first task was to retrieve a golden egg from a dragon. How Harry decided to retrieve it was to cast the spell Accio for summoning his broom. He bamboozled the dragon by flying around it in circles. In the second event, the champions had to solve the riddle that the egg provided to take something back that was taken by the merpeople. Because Fleur Delacour couldn’t save her sister, Harry risked getting first place by saving both his best friend Ron and Fleur’s sister Gabrielle. Harry once again had to face Voldemort because in the final task of the Triwizard tournament, the golden cup was turned into a portkey that moved them into a graveyard. Harry’s confidence was shaken when Voldemort killed Cedric Diggory right in front of him. Harry then was to duel Voldemort when the two wands powers touched each other all the people that Voldemort killed with his wand came to Harry’s rescue because it was love that rescued him from dying. By Harry even attempting to duel Voldemort shows how confident in his wizardry skills.

In the Order of the Phoenix, since Dumbledore was gone the majority of the school year, many students relied on Harry more than usual to help them with their Defense Against the Dark Arts spells. Harry started Dumbledore’s Army as a junior version of the Order of The Phoenix. Other students looked towards him as a fearless leader to protect them from the Dark Arts. He rebelled against authority when he felt like what they were wanting was wrong.

Finally in Deathly Hallows, this is where you see how confident he grew as a wizard. Normally in their seventh year, they still go to Hogwarts, but as usual he had to worry about the world instead of just his school life. Harry and his two best friends went on a quest to destroy horcruxes to help them weaken Voldemort to kill him. Harry’s final testament to show how much he grew as a wizard was when he was willing to die to resurrect himself to ensure that Voldemort would die for good this time and not come back.

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