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It’s hard to imagine that in a country like the United States there is a book ban, but that has happened. In 2012, the American Library Association received 464 applications for the ban on various books, and according to its representative, since 1990, the number of applications has exceeded 17,700 leaves. Although controversial in terms of morality, politics led to the prohibition of publishing for a long time, but this is still a work sought by many people. One book that a lot of people love to read. It is Harry Potter. Today I want to discuss why this book was banned in America.

J.K. Rowling is a female writer of the Harry Potter series. She was born in England on July 31, 1975 (Rowling’s birthday is like Harry Potter). When she was five years old, she liked to read and write many short stories. In 1987, Rowling attended the University of Exeter and studied French. She said, ‘I do not like learning French, but my parents are pressing me to learn French.’ Although, I studied in France for a year. ‘In 1990, when she arrived in London by train, she had the idea of writing Harry Potter. Five years later, Rowling completed writing a book of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone and was published by Bloombury. After the success of episode one, everything else is history. After writing seven books, J.K. Rowling is known as a successful and successful writer of the most powerful women in the world. Now, she has assets worth over 800 million. After completing Volume 7 in 2007, she is volunteering with organizations to study Multiple Sclerosis.

Harry Potter is the name of a seven-part series by female author J. Rowling about the Harry Potter witch. To say that this is the most famous series, shocking and causing fever around the world. In the series of novels, ‘Harry Potter’ has sold more than 450 million copies, won countless awards. It was translated into 65 languages and adapted into eight blockbusters. In the past 10 years, there have been many in the United States and Britain banned this work and do not allow Harry Potter to appear on the shelves of libraries, even in public places. Protested mainly by parents. They claim that the story has a lot of violence, death, fear and raised magical world. They are afraid that the characters in the story will adversely affect their children and the details in the story are too dark to be inappropriate for children.

The first reason is that of magic. In the Bible, it is said that witches and demons are real and that they are dangerous and should not be associated with them Witchcraft. This will make the children think wrong, that the witch is good. The second reasons give bad examples. Many people think that stories really do not fit the kids, especially when they are still in school. By the way, the character Harry and his friends. He always ‘lied, violating the rules, against the decision of the authorities including the professor at Hogwarts,’ but then he was again rewarded and acclaimed. So, it will be very easy to influence. Psychological, ethical standards and direct them to do the same thing. The third reason scary content. Add a reason to assert the story is not suitable for children, teenagers. The story begins with details of Harry being an orphan and soon afterward he learns that his parents have been murdered in a very brutal way. Then, in the Harry Potter books, the battle between the devil consecutive fierce and fierce readers are shocked. The above three reasons to conclude that Harry Potter is not suitable for children. and put the story on the blacklist. But they come from a very small audience and look only at a negative side.

We know that Harry Potter is the story. And of course, stories have magical elements that will magically attract and appeal to readers, especially teenagers. In life, there are things like bad magic or not, what the creator of the story is completely harmless. Secondly, if readers notice and remember, there are details in Harry Potter that write down the punishments that Harry suffered when breaking the law. Rules, regulations or directives of teachers. Whether in the story or in real life, superheroes hero or ordinary people, no one is perfect. So, that Harry and his friends make a mistake, of course. Lastly, in terms of the scary story, there are many who think that it teaches young children how to face the loss, pain. And, those circumstances are not so evil or condemning. On the contrary, that is the point of the story.

There are many opinions, arguments put out, but we absolutely cannot deny the success of Harry Potter. The reasons for banning Harry Potter are just some of the few places in the world. Left, everyone agrees that Harry Potter is the greatest entertainment series of the last decade. To me, Harry Potter is a great book, it is childhood that memories of every child in the world. It brings many strange things, which in the world never existed.

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