My Favorite Superhero

Nobody thought he would be alive when he died from criponite but he was alive after the attack of the monster. But other people knew that he was alive. because at the end of the movie all he rocks and grass were flying in the air.He died after when superman flew to the monster but the monster blew up and super man was dead but he was not.Thats why we are obsessed with superheroes.

why we love with superheros.Because we love their power their abilities. According to the web soures why ameiricans love superheroes.People who watch their movies learn more about them so we start to love them.People start to have a favrite superhero. Then sometimes heroes fight against each other so then it start to get interesting because we don’t know whos going to win the fight.When a new movie comes out every time the villan almost wins every time but the heros always win exept for one movie.

I think that Americans love superheros because they started off with different lookes. Now they look like a real superhero in the old times they just looked like just people in halloween suits.Now they have powers in there suits.Such as spiderman and ironman.Thats why I think americans love superheroes.

My favorite superhero is superman because he can fly.Superman has lazervison I like that he has lazervison because if people trap him in metal he can get out because he can melt it down.Another reason that I like superman is because he has super hearing when someone is geting robed he can hear it. I like him because he is super powerful.

I like superman because he is brave when he goes into the wilderness when he know’s that something dangerous in their.Superman does not quit at all when a gun is pointed at him because he can’t die. Americans love superheroes because they have luxurious cars and houses. Superman gets intense for superman to live when he gets close with Kryptonite. Superman starts to get asthenic when he meets it. His biggest enemy is lexluther because he has all of the worsts things that can hurt superman. Superman can just kill every bad guy that he wants but he does not because he does not want to demolish every thing he wants to just put villains in jail.

So he can has fun with them he does not want to be home watching tv.He does not want to be lazy and play games and sit down on a couch. Superman likes to hang out with kids he has fun with kids. When he senses danger he can just fly to it really fast he puts the villain in jail and he is done fore the day.When he left he went to the artic to make him an ice house that he can party in with his friends. He made his house with ice shards. He took them from him using his super breath on water.he put the shards in the ground he slambed the shards really steap he worked untile it looked really comfortable in his new house it does not melt because it is in the artic.

Where it is really cold if you stay in the water to long you might freeze or die but super man won’t because he is the man of steel. He can pick up anything that is heavy.