Why i Will be your Favorite Student 

I am one student that would be known for her diligent work. I always put my hard work into what I put my mind to which is most of the times. When I work on something, I give it my all because I am one to put as much effort in my work. Although it might not look like it, I really do try my best which is enough for me. I am also very punctual because I do not like to be late for anything, especially when my grade is on the line. Even if it is just a minute before it was due, it would all be worth it. I am one to ask for extra help when it is needed because I want to get a good grade in the end. I might not go to the teacher directly because of my shyness, but I do ask my peers for help in order to do my best and and do well in the end. I also respect my teacher because I know she has put her time into making up the lesson and teaching each of it. That is why I will be your favorite student because I am diligent, punctual and respectful.

Although a lot of people would say that they are a very hard-working student, I am one who is true to her word. In order to et the grades I get which are most of the times A’s and B’s, I work for it. English is not my best subject which is why I put even more work into to it to get what I want to achieve and be the best I can me in this particular subject. I do as I am told in order to get the job done which is one of the things to do to be successful and be the favorite in the class. The fact that I am putting my all into this subject since I am not the best in it is why I would be your favorite because you would see that I am trying hard to do well in the class. When it comes to turning things on time, I am very punctual. Even if the assignment is not that big where it would not affect my grade, I would still turn it in on time.

I would treat each and every assignment as if it is was something huge and impactful on the grade. Turning assignments in late is irresponsible because it is as if you can’t manage your time wisely and get things done when they are supposed to be done. If an assignment were to be late, there would be a good excuse, but other than that, it is important to me to get it done and turn in all assignments when needed. I also treat my teachers with respect because they are also a human being and an adult who should be treated in a respectful manner. This means during class, I would be paying attention because not only is it respectful, but because I won’t miss out on what needs to be done. I would not be talking to my peers while you would be talking nor would I be on my phone because it is important to give my full and divided attention. I know that it has been a long process to becoming a teacher and what has to be done along the way to teach during the semester, so to make things easier, I would do what I am told and be respectful at all times.

These are reasons as to why I would be your favorite student this semester because I am a person who is hard-working, prompt and respectful. It would seem like I am not showing it due to how introverted I am, but when you see my work and see how I treat it, you would see that I am a good student who cares about her work and not a lazy, laid-back person. My manner and my grades are important to me because they help me to do well and be a better person overall in the future.

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