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What Influences Kidnapping and Other Crimes

Watching people getting locked up is a sad feeling. I remember growing up seeing family members and people in the community getting arrested in front of their home for some crimes they have committed. One of my best friend since childhood got locked up for theft and it changed the way I thought of things […]

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Your Freedom, My Freedom, Our Freedom

In 1620, pilgrims from England boarded the Mayflower to come to America to have freedom.The freedom they wanted was the freedom of religion. One question asked by many Americans today is, “Even though we are stated as a free country, are we totally Free?” Three of the most effective tools for keeping freedom for our […]

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Crime in The Great Depression

Crime during the Great Depression was a huge deal. Although crime rates during his time decreased, the types of crimes became more extreme. It expressed itself in stump fishing, theft, and bootlegging. Adults would fish illegally to provide as much food as they could for their children, and children would steal food from their local […]

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