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Gun Control and Mass Shooting

Gun ownership is a right given to American citizens under the second amendment in the Constitution, or often stated “the right to bear arms”. However, the misconduct of these weapons has been the primary cause of hundreds of mass shootings, high profile murders and thousands of deaths. Gun control has been a debate in the […]

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Gun Control a Look at Mass Shootings

The right to bear arms is an inalienable right stated in the Bill of Right, ratified in 1791, it has been in frequent debates on gun control. In America every time there is a mass shooting gun control becomes a leading topic. The debate on gun control began to advance after the assassination of Dr. […]

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We Need More Stringent Gun Control

When you’re out and about you trust people to not hurt you, but just when someone yells “Gun” every scatters, you’re telling yourself to run and get down at the same time. You hear several bullet flying past you, faster than you can think. Gun Control in today’s world is a term used very loosely […]

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Gun Control Is Not The Solution to The Problem

“Guns don’t kill people. People kill people.” With a government based off of various laws and an actual Constitution, the United States of America has a recurring problem in its society on the topic of gun control. This then evokes the question – should the government have the right to regulate said guns? The government […]

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Gun Control and Gun Violence

The debate for gun control policy has been going on for years now. The policy has been brought up more and more as mass shootings and school shootings have been happening. But there was one school shooting that brought up more attention and that was the one that killed 20 young children in a shooting. […]

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Gun Control – Many Plans and Ideas, Never Settled

Gun Control is one of the most talked about solutions to our countries growing problem with mass shootings. The problem is no one can agree on what exactly Gun Control entails. Most seem to think its about taking away all guns from the public, although some do believe that’s the way to handle the problem […]

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Gun Control Vs Gun Ownership

Mass shooting emerged as horrific issue in USA that strictly raised a question about gun control laws and gun ownership This paper shows reasons and facts that strengthen the position of strict gun control laws. Covering the past deadly events, going into the details about gun ownership shortcomings, the paper emphasizes the need of amendment […]

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