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Research on Mass Incarceration

The issue of Mass incarceration varies from country to country with the United States having a bigger prison population. Mass incarceration has a long history and includes factors such as racial profiling, color blindness, and the war on drugs. The rates of the incarceration of people of color were seen to increase after the Civil […]

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History of Mass Incarceration

The Age of Mass Incarceration When we typically think of crime and punishment we view it as a “conveyor belt” of justice: Usually the guilty are found guilty and sentenced to either long or short imprisonment terms depending on the crime committed. For some criminals the belt continues to move in a constant cycle from […]

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Mass Incarceration: a Review of The Letter of Pfaff and Alexander

As time marched on, “black codes” had been replaced and renewed with a long line of actions that furthered and justified the unjust treatment of black people. The Jim Crow era was still alive and well. The slave had been labeled a Negro, now they were colored, and on the verge of becoming African Americans. […]

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Growth of Mass Incarceration

Introduction Surpassing slavery rates, mass incarceration has become the most critical modern affairs in the “land of the free”. Ironically, the United States is currently leading in the world’s largest imprisonment rate with a large majority of the population being incarcerated (Tucker, 1 pg). The growth rate has rapidly escalated throughout the recent years, predominantly […]

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