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Growth of Mass Incarceration

Introduction Surpassing slavery rates, mass incarceration has become the most critical modern affairs in the “land of the free”. Ironically, the United States is currently leading in the world’s largest imprisonment rate with a large majority of the population being incarcerated (Tucker, 1 pg). The growth rate has rapidly escalated throughout the recent years, predominantly […]

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Research on Mass Incarceration

The issue of Mass incarceration varies from country to country with the United States having a bigger prison population. Mass incarceration has a long history and includes factors such as racial profiling, color blindness, and the war on drugs. The rates of the incarceration of people of color were seen to increase after the Civil […]

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Impact of Mass Incarceration

Mass incarceration ranks high among the most significant social problems that the United States faces in contemporary times. While the United States makes up approximately five percent of the world’s population, it makes up 25 percent of the global prison population. These figures highlight the fact that something is fundamentally wrong with the justice system […]

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Technology and Problem of Mass Incarceration of Black Americans

There is insufficient data on several issues related to mass incarceration of people in American jails. Although the United States has 5% of global population, it contains 25% of people in jails. Yet those being the bars are disproportionately in favor whites, who by far outweigh the Blacks in the country. Besides, there is no […]

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