What Influences Kidnapping and other Crimes

Watching people getting locked up is a sad feeling. I remember growing up seeing family members and people in the community getting arrested in front of their home for some crimes they have committed. One of my best friend since childhood got locked up for theft and it changed the way I thought of things and to be more aware of my actions and the people around me especially my family. People commit crimes because they are willing or they choose it, but they may come in different motives. Some may commit a crime because of desperation and some may be because of survival. Dealing with drugs, poor lifestyle, and harsh background are some of the reasons why people commit crimes.

Dealing with drugs is a dangerous illicit activity that someone can find him/herself stuck in. Regardless of its negative impact, most people choose to do it because it may be their only source of income. In fact, people make huge amount of money out of just dealing with drugs. Sadly, dealing with drugs causes people to do the most evil things. It makes them commit crimes like murdering people who has not pay their credit or dues, kidnapping people and stealing their money for drugs, and other major crimes like burglary and theft. Even though dealing with drugs is a crime, it serves as a gateway to other serious crimes. It may cause you to manipulate others in terms of blackmailing or lying because dealing drugs is all competition in who gets the most customers.

People who grow up living in a poor lifestyle find themselves committing crimes as well. Some may develop a mindset of aggressiveness and a feeling of mixed emotions that erupt in violent reactions. Without a proper support from the community, parents, and family members, people tend to go around doing drugs and stealing because they don’t have the attention and support them, especially the love. Correct parenting is the most important key for children to grow up as good citizens instead of committing crimes and become a criminal. A good citizen is a result of being raised in a healthy house where both the father and the mother are loving a cooperative. Children who don’t learn how to cooperate and who fail to develop social interest are at high risk of committing crimes because they failed to achieve their parts as being the cooperative child. When hanging out with delinquent people, you must know how to resist when something bad is offered or asked. Peer pressure is one of the reasons why people commit crimes.

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