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Soccer As National Sport

Soccer is a very widespread sport. With 211 countries with national teams soccer has come a long way from its roots in Great Britain. Over the decades since, soccer has become one of the most beloved sports in the world. It has a long and interesting history as well as an extensive impact upon certain […]

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Softball Is The Best Sport for Me

Softball became a sport in 1887 on Thanksgiving Day. Since then, softball has increasingly become popular in the Unites States. Not many know how great this sport is. Millions of people receive benefits from softball each year. Softball is a beneficial sport because it promotes a healthy lifestyle, demonstrates teamwork and enlightens adversity. Softball is […]

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Argument Paper: Cheerleading Is a Sport

Growing up as a cheerleader I learned that not everyone believes cheerleading is a sport nor is it actually considered one. Throughout my school years, almost everyone I encountered would argue with me about cheer being a sport. Whether someone was just messing around and antagonizing me about the subject or they were completely serious, […]

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About Clemson Tigers Men’S Basketball

Clemson Basketball team is one of the ball game teams under the Department of Clemson Athletic Department. This is a men’s basketball team that belongs to Clemson University and mainly participates in the competition of NCAA league in Division 1. The team was first sponsored to engage in competition the season that occurred between the […]

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Rainsford Won The Game of Hunting Now

Whitney then decides to turn in for the night, but Rainsford wants to smoke his pipe on the deck for a while. Suddenly, he heard three gunshots in the distance and moves toward the railing of the deck to investigate. This man named General Zaroff called him to his island to hunt a dangerous animal […]

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Kiowa in ‘The Things They Carried’

In the short story “The things they carried”, the soldiers each had their own unique items that they carried doing the dangerous war. The items that the soldiers carried had a special meaning behind them whether it came from their family background, personality, or their very own personal item. Kiowa is a Native America soldier […]

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Hunting, Seduction: ‘Sir Gawain and The Green Knight’

There are three descriptive hunting scenes that happen before each of the three seductions by Lady Bertilak. Lady Bertilak is sent by her husband, who is the Green Knight, to test the chivalry of Sir Gawain. There is a correlation between the hunting scenes and the seduction scenes. The first animal hunted was the deer. […]

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Playing Football Outside and Experiencing It Virtually  

The famous football coach Johan Cruff once said : ”Football is a game of mistakes. Whoever makes the fewest mistakes wins.”Football played by young and old is the most popular type of sport around the world. Some people play it in the open air , others prefer to play it on a PC. Having experienced […]

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Should Performance Enhancing Drugs Be Legalized in Professional Sports

For many years, the use of performance enhancing drugs (PEDs) was thought to be absurd, impractical and somewhat bizarre. While there are currently no professional sports that allow the use of performance enhancing drugs, recently arguments on whether they should be used or not have sparked some controversy in the sports world. An ethical argument […]

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Women and Sports: The Gender Pay Gap in World Football

Female participation in the labour market was once seen as a huge success—the ability to rely on none-other than women themselves rather struck the stereotype of gender-reliance in the face as women emerged into the workforce. However, while the presence of female bodies in differentiating fields of work was seen as a huge win for […]

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42 Movie Review

The film 42 is important because it is showing how hard it was for African Americans to be accepted into the MLB and not play in their own league. The movie is showing how Jackie Robinson dealt with all of the threats and other obstacles, so he could succeed in the MLB. At the time, […]

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Benefits of Yoga

Yoga is a relaxation technique that is becoming increasingly popular with today’s society. According to Garfinkel and Schumacher (2000), the term first appeared in ancient India where it was passed from teacher to student as an oral tradition. The term yoga is a Sanskrit word which was coined from the root yug meaning to unite. […]

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The History of Soccer

Have you ever wondered if different surfaces affect the way a soccer ball bounces? Three types of turf (or surface) will be used to test the bounciness of a soccer ball. Energy and physics will be examined. Kentucky bluegrass, sand and artificial turf will be used to find out which surface allows the ball to […]

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Should Hunting Be Banned?

The biggest adrenaline rush you can have is from killing a deer. Hunting is a craft as old as time, with many of our ancestors having to hunt just to provide food for their family. Hunting is when you kill an animal for food or for sport. I have been raised “if you’re going to […]

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Why College Athletes Should Not Be Paid?

Introduction I would like to begin by saying I really appreciate what you are doing with the NCAA and how the viewership has enlarged greatly in the last decade. You have done a great job at publicizing the athletics. but we both can agree that there is a huge problem concerning the issue that is […]

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Not All Gold Comes With Glory

Training for a sport is always hard work and dedication no matter what the goal is you are striving to reach. Throughout the journey of trying to achieve a goal there is always an obstacle that has to be overcame, whether is it something minor, like an off day or something major, like an injury. […]

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Should College Athletes Be Paid 

Is the NCAA president scamming players, do you think NCAA players should get paid? Patrick Hruby says College football has the money to pay players, the playoffs proves it. (December 30, 2017).Is it true that the NCAA is ripping of the athletes? Being a college student-athlete is a full-time job, bouncing between the weight room, […]

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Is Hunting Good or Bad for The Environment

“At his best, man is the noblest of all animals; separated from law and justice he is the worst.” (Aristotle). Animals are affected by their own environment in many ways, whether it is of their own doing, or from outside their way of living, such as mankind’s impact on the overall environment. Our way of […]

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Difficult Moment and Difficult Decision

Mr Kimera was a famous hunter who used to stay in Rabuka forest adjacent to a flowing river with his family. He was a famous person due to his hunting and the conflict resolution skills. He stayed happily with his wife and five children. He never lacked anything since his wife used to do basketry […]

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Endangered Species: Polar Bear

Currently, the polar bear population worldwide is around twenty-two and thirty-one thousand according to the IUCN (International union for conservation and nature). There are nineteen distinct populations of which thirteen are in Canada, that means that around 60 and 80 percent are in Canada (around twenty-five thousand). The most affected populations of the arctic are […]

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Good Will Hunting Review

In the film “Good Will Hunting” a young 20 year old boy, Will Hunting, faces the struggle of who he is and what he is capable of in light of his traumatic past and economical class. Will started out as a janitor at MIT in Boston. He thought that he was just there for the […]

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Good Will Hunting Movie Playback Impressions

Will Hunting is a 20-year-old from South Boston who works at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology as a janitor. With an undiscovered IQ level of a genius, he solves a complicated math problem left on a chalkboard by Professor Gerald Lambeau, who would eventually turn his life around. Given Will has had many run-ins with […]

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The Book “Animal Farm” and a Little About Joseph Stalin’S Use of Labor

I think that the book Animal Farm should be read and talked about in school. In the book Animal Farm they teach some key lessons that are still useful in today’s culture. Communism is discussed throughout the book teaching others the thought some have on the Russian revolution. Animal Farm shows the power that someone […]

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The Story of The Famous Basketball Player Kobe Bryant

Kobe Bryant is and was an influential African American in everyday society. Kobe was looked up to as a superhero for many children, but for adults he was a superstar. Kobe was a philanthropist, donating to a number of charities and organizations to help those in need. Unlike a large amount of wealthy people who […]

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The Greatest Boxer Muhammad Ali

“Float like a butterfly sting like a bee.” Does this quote sound familiar? That is because this quote comes from one of the greatest boxers known to man. Muhammad Ali. In 19647, Ali refused to be inducted into the American army because of his religion, and was stripped of his heavyweight championship and could not […]

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Muhammad Ali Strong in Spirit

Cassius Marcellus Clay Jr. Cassius Marcellus Clay Jr aka Muhammad Ali. Muhammad Ali was the greatest boxer to ever lived winning boxing matches at the age of twelve and when nineteen wins and fifteen knocks at the age of eighteen. Cassius Marcellus Clay Jr. knocking people left right and center leaving people in the first […]

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Muhammad Ali in The Black Power Move

Muhammad Ali was never one to withdraw from a battle. Inside the ring, his toughness shocked his opponent and, outside it, his dedicated and influential talking skills gave him moral initiative to many. He was against the Vietnam War well before that was a mainstream position, he stood up more than once against racism and […]

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Jack Johnson and Muhammad Ali

“Success is determined by how you handle setbacks.’’ All successful people have experienced setbacks due to characteristics they portray if they have control over them or not. There is not one person to this date who is majorly successful who has not faced setbacks due to conditions such as race or gender. Over time you […]

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Should College Athletes Be Paid for Playing

College and professional sports associations have many players on their rosters. Most people on college teams are looking to advance their careers into the pros. In professional sports associations like the NFL, the MLS, or the MLB players make a contract with the team that they are participating or playing with. When a player signs […]

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