Playing Football Outside and Experiencing it Virtually  

The famous football coach Johan Cruff once said : ”Football is a game of mistakes. Whoever makes the fewest mistakes wins.”Football played by young and old is the most popular type of sport around the world. Some people play it in the open air , others prefer to play it on a PC. Having experienced both, I can tell you that there are a great number of similarities as well as differences between them.

First of all, a person who plays football outside wastes more energy than one who experiences it virtually. When a person plays football outside, he has to do physical and mental efforts to score a goal . Physical efforts consist of moving from one space to another and passing a ball .Mental efforts contain analysing different situations ,making sound decisions and thinking through the course of events and its consistency. In contrast ,a person who plays football on a computer does not need to waste his energy. Furthermore, he only has to click and release the mouse button. Moreover, he does not have to chase a ball himself, he uses only his intellectual efforts.

Secondly, a person who plays football in reality is more vulnerable to get injured in comparison with a person who plays football virtually. It is known that football is very traumatic type of sport. Injuries can lead to serious consequences. As a result of injure a person can stay disabled for the rest of his life. In fact, a person who plays football on the screen does not face such kind of problems.

Finally, a person who plays football in the open air is less subject to heart attack and strike than a person who plays it on a PC. When a person leads active way of life, his muscles feel a need for oxygen. As a result of it, heart starts to work intensively in order to transfer more blood. Playing football outside twice a week develops muscle endurance. On the contrary playing football on a computer does not give such kind of opportunity to build his body.

All things considered , which type of activity to choose depends on persons’ preferences. Even so, I can say exactly that the activity of playing football on a PC does not give a person an opportunity to prevent some illnesses and built his body. However, the activity of playing football in the open air and playing it on a PC aim at triumphing over a rival team and score a goal ,they are very different experience.

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