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Teamwork in Baseball

There are many positives and negatives to play on a baseball team.The game of baseball has an unique way of scoring.There are many positive things about being on a baseball team such as challenging yourself,working as a team,and making multiple strategies that fit your team.There could be a couple of negative things considering on your […]

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Jackie Robinson – the Hero of Baseball 

The film 42 was released in 2013, it is a sports film written and directed by Brian Helgeland about the race segregation and the first African American baseball player Jackie Robinson. It is the PG-13 film. In the paper, I will analyse how film 42 depicts the racial difficulties Jackie Robinson faced during the baseball […]

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Analysis of Movie 42

For my movie review, I chose to watch the movie 42, a biographical sports film about the racial integration of professional baseball player Jackie Robinson. I thoroughly enjoyed watching this movie and have seen it multiple times. I would rate the movie a 4.5 out of 5. The small problem I have with the movie […]

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Pearl Harbor: Ted and me Book Review

Joe Stoshack (Stosh), a 13-year-old boy who loves to play baseball, has a very special gift. He has the ability to travel through time using baseball cards. By touching a card, he is transported to the time and place of the player’s card that he touches. The FBI learns of his ability, and now they […]

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How the Roaring Twenties Affected

The 1920s was one of the golden decades of history in America. Many aspects of American life were making changes, advancements, or simply getting more and more popular. All these changes and increases of popularity were happening so fast that the 1920s came to be known as the “Roaring Twenties.” One of the aspects of […]

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