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History of Basketball

Introduction Bit of History In 1891 a teacher, at a YMCA in Springfield, Massechussets, named James Naismith was tasked to create an indoor sport to keep students active during the winter seasons. Once Naismith came up with his game, he divided his class into two teams with 9 students each (because his class had 18 […]

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The Story of the Famous Basketball Player Kobe Bryant

Kobe Bryant is and was an influential African American in everyday society. Kobe was looked up to as a superhero for many children, but for adults he was a superstar. Kobe was a philanthropist, donating to a number of charities and organizations to help those in need. Unlike a large amount of wealthy people who […]

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Do College Sports Students have to be Paid for Games

The history of high school and college basketball is a complex but amazing journey until now. College sports began in the late 1850’s but high school basketball began in 1898. Here are the big questions, are student athletes being paid and should they be allowed to reclass? Reclassifying is registering with a graduating class later […]

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Essay on Life by Lebron James

Coming up Lebron James did not live a typical life many others did but that never stirred him in the wrong direction or affected him negatively. James became great at a young age and this help build him into the person he is today. The life most athletes are living at the age 20,21,22, James […]

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