Softball is the Best Sport for me

Softball became a sport in 1887 on Thanksgiving Day. Since then, softball has increasingly become popular in the Unites States. Not many know how great this sport is. Millions of people receive benefits from softball each year. Softball is a beneficial sport because it promotes a healthy lifestyle, demonstrates teamwork and enlightens adversity.

Softball is a beneficial sport because it promotes a healthy lifestyle. Softball can provide the player with a total body workout. Softball consists of running, catching, swinging and fielding that requires the use of many muscles throughout my body. In order to keep up on the field we must condition our bodies. Conditioning includes many hours of exercising before making it out onto the field. Softball also has the advantage of improving mental health. This sport can improve concentration and reduce stress. Softball requires split second decision making and focusing on multiple tasks at once. When a person’s body is stressed, it starts at the brain and works its way to affect the rest of the body. When I play softball, my brain produces and releases endorphins that are natural painkillers. The endorphins also help sleep habits, which is a factor of reducing stress.

Softball is a beneficial sport because it demonstrates teamwork. Softball teaches how a person can affect those around them. Each player has a certain task on the field and how that player reacts to those tasks can cause different outcomes. When on the field, if one person gets down on themselves or has a negative attitude it radiates to other players and can cause a chain reaction of bad plays, loss of focus and negative attitude. People who are involved in softball are more likely to act as team players. This sport is pure teamwork and requires players to work together to reach one goal. The team player mentality is great to have beyond the sport, such as the work place and social settings. Having this makes a person an asset to their job and to others around them.

Softball is a beneficial sport because it enlightens adversity. Learning to overcome adversity is a skill people can use from adolescence to adulthood. From being a child to an adult we face many challenges in life. Softball teaches that less mistakes makes for a better outcome. These mistakes are least likely to happen in the future. Softball can help keep a positive mindset and boost self-esteem. When I play softball, I am given positive attention that I may not receive from anywhere else. I am given endless praise from coaches and teammates for even the smallest wins I have. Softball boost players self-esteem by seeing self-improvement in the sport. Seeing improvement and success on the field will transfer onto real life situations.

Softball is the best sport because it promotes a healthy lifestyle, demonstrates teamwork and enlightens adversity. I believe many more people should take the time out and play at least one game of softball. I highlighted only three things softball can do so just imagine how much more players can benefit from the sport.

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