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Montblanc Inc. – Business Project

As young gifted craftsmen in the area, we quickly picked up the best skills that could aid us in becoming one of the largest companies that produce a high-quality range of writing instruments. This reputation enabled Montblanc Inc. to be the firm with a great competency with upscale brands such as Mont Blanc and Cross. […]

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The Internet of Things

The last step in promoting a new product or service is creating a successful advertisement to reach the intended target audience. The product, price, place, and promotion are all aspects of the total marketing process used to meet those objectives. With the technological advancements of today, advertising is no longer a traditional, one-way street, but […]

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What Was Dyson’s Most Serious Problem He Had to Overcome

James Dyson had to deal with a different number of problems when the Dyson brand started. First, he dealt with competing with the biggest manufacturers in the world; brands that were known by everyone like Electrolux, Bosch, etc. Dyson also learned from previous experiences that ensuring patents applications before negotiating with anybody was crucial. This […]

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Scholarly Activity Minimum Wage

Deadweight loss is defined as a loss to society and there are three main causes of deadweight loss (Samuelson & Marks, 2015). The first is a price ceiling. A price ceiling is the maximum amount set by the government that a consumer can be charged for a good or service. A perfect example of this […]

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