Statement of Purpose for a Post Master'S Certificate in Quantitative Methods in Applied Economics

My visit to the Ministry of Economic at my home country was a defining moment for me. My interaction with the clerical staff revealed the sheer amount of effort employed to ensure that policies are feasible and sustainable. I felt that the role of economists in national development gives the professionals a sense of purpose. Upon arrival at home, I consulted with my father to know how people qualified as economists and determined to achieve success in the field.During my internships at the Corporate Council on Africa and the Embassy of Gabon, I came to learn that some of the most significant contributors to the economic stability of any nation include fuel and foreign exchange rates.

I noticed that variations in fuel cost seem to affect the nation’s output adversely while exchange rates impact on trade. I have since appreciated the weight of forecasting on risk mitigation as well as the value of cost-benefit analysis. Forecasting creates an image of potential future while cost benefit analysis allows economists to allocate resources optimally. Such discoveries have ensured that I do not lose focus on pursuing a career in economics.Seeing that economics provides a worthy response to such challenges, I have continued to study the discipline, embrace practice and research opportunities. From my time of arrival in America in November 2008 at the age of 18, to date, my engagement in two academic institutions has brought me closer to my dream by providing knowledge and facilitating an acquisition of skills.

Montgomery College was my first contact with tertiary education where I created a platform for the start of my professional studies. Subsequent, internships succeeded by further studies at the American University narrowed my focus and prepared me to pursue the Post-Master’s Certificate in Quantitative Methods in Economics. Continued pursuance of knowledge in the field gives me a sense of achievement and learning as I explore new concepts.Numerous challenges have influenced my achievements to this point. To begin with, my studies at a young age were adversely deterred. I had access to standard facilities in Gabon, which are somewhat closer to an absence of amenities from an American Education System perspective.

I had to study hard but the extra time dedicated to academic work produced desirable results. The payoff was always exceptional as I led my class for the better part of my primary education and high school was a success. My stay at the Corporate Council on Africa and the Embassy of Gabon revealed that success in an economics career depends on an individual’s intrinsic motivation as the tasks involved a call for innovative responses. Every achievement I have made motivated me to perform better in subsequent targets. My professional studies have revolved around the field of economics. [bookmark: _GoBack]

Today, after 9 years living in the DMV area, I have an Associate’s degree (2012), a Bachelor’s degree in Economics (minor in Business, 2014), a Master’s degree in Financial Economics (2016), and a Graduate Certificate in Applied Statistics (2017). In my scope of experience, I have worked as senior assistant to economic and commercial counselor on the preparation of 2015 United States-Sub-Saharan Africa Trade and Economic Cooperation Forum (AGOA Forum). I also participated in elaborating the final program of African Growth and Opportunity Act forum.

The projects that I have worked on include using Stata to analyze impact of commodity prices on the economy of the U.S.A. I also used structural VAR (Vector Auto-Regression) model to understand how the economy of the USA responds to unexpected one standard deviation shock in oil prices over time.A post Master’s Certificate in Quantitative Methods in Economics program at John Hopkins will present the opportunity to study 440.622 – Cost-Benefit Analysis, 440.629  Survey Research Methods, 440.619 “ Real Risk, and 440.617 “ Financial Econometrics courses. The courses present skills and economic perspectives about cost management, market evaluation, and risk identification. I believe that acquisition of such knowledge and skills will improve my chances completing a Ph.D. in Economics and making an impression in economics.

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