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Recruitment and Selection

Essentially, job analysis is a systematic and formalizes study of a particular job. As much as it is not a requirement by law to conduct job analyses, it is central in defending and authenticating the selection processes. Job analysis is paramount and most human resource (HR) interventions such as hiring or training and development are […]

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Microsoft’S Success in Communicating Its Corporate Social Responsibility to Employees

In any given business, how the company communicates both internally and externally is very important. During strategic organizational changes that will affect how the company conducts its operations, carefully considered communication may be the only differentiating factor between success and failure for all the stakeholders of the organization. This study aims to evaluate and analyze […]

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Find a Perfect Fit for Your Position with Blockchain 

Fake it till you make it. That seems to be the mantra for anyone lingering in the job market these days, and the numbers show it. A study conducted by HireRight’s in 2017, shows that 85% of job applicants lie on their resumes. That means more than eight out of ten people reading this have […]

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