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Sensation, Perception, Consciousness, Motivation, Emotion, and Learning

Behavioral theory approach is based on the fact that behavior is learned from the past experiences. It also states that the same way a behavior can be learned it can also be unlearnt or reconditioned. This is a theory based on the fact that all behaviors are acquired through conditioning. There are two superior types […]

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The Importance of Special Education

Inclusivity of special needs students in classes with normal students provide an equal ground to compete but do not make them equal. Disability is not inability, and the disabled children can have high skills that the other students but learning to them are a challenge. The students find it very hard to find friends and […]

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The Education System and The Curriculum

Introduction The passage is about a mother who read her daughters passage and found it very wanting of proper writing instructions. The girl had followed all the instructions given in class about writing but the mother found the instructions unnecessary to the work the girl was doing. Additionally, the girl was writing an essay about […]

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Qualities of a Good Parent

We cannot define the love of the parent to their children until, we become a parent. Having a child is one of the scariest moments of a person’s life, since their children’s survival depends on them. This makes the parents try to do everything that is best for their child. Love, Support, and Scare are […]

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A Self-Reflection Essay About the Goals of Becoming a Computer Scientist for NASA

Since the start of high school, I have placed 2nd in Regionals and States in Public Speaking 1 for Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA). I was even qualified to advance to FBLA Nationals last year. My advancement to Nationals last year opened up the opportunity to speak to the BCPS Board of Education at […]

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