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Hurricane Katrina on Child Development

One of the most crippling hurricanes to hit the U.S. struck the Gulf coast on August 29, 2005. “In an analysis of 971 fatalities and 15 additional deaths of storm evacuees, 40% of deaths were caused by drowning. 25% were caused by injury and trauma (CNN) and “more than one million people in the Gulf […]

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Effect of Single Parenting Family on Child Development

2001 as cited in Poverty and Single Parenting: Relations with Preschoolers’ Cortisol and Effortful Control). Families living in poverty are much more likely to be headed by single parents (Brooks-Gunn & Duncan, 1997 as cited in Poverty and Single Parenting: Relations with Preschoolers’ Cortisol and Effortful Control). The effects of poverty have an impact on […]

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Piaget’S Cognitive Theory and Motor Development

Jean Piaget is a Swiss developmental psychologist and genetic epistemology who is known as one of the most influential researchers during the 20th century. Piaget was interested in the intellectual development of children and how they come to know the world around them. It was through various observations that led to his Theory of Cognitive […]

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Peer Presure in Our Society

In today’s society, social influence can impact a person’s behavior immensely. As adults, we are less impressionable and more capable of paving our own paths, but is this the case for children? Research shows that due to the fact that their minds are still developing, children can tend to conform and allow outside peer influences […]

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Benefits of Bilingual Children Teaching

The number of people living in United States who speaks other languages besides English is increasing. According to The Annie E. Casey Foundation, the number of bilingual children in United States in 2016 is 22% and is rising (2018). As the population becomes more diverse, debates over bilingualism also increases. Many researches have linked bilingualism […]

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