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Abnormal Psychology Dissociative Identity Disorder

Dissociation occurs very frequently with people, as they tend to get caught in their own little word or day dreaming throughout the day. However, Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) is much more severe where the person is experiencing two or more distinct personality Identities. Dissociative Identity Disorder, which was previously called Multiple Personality Disorder is usually […]

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Should Hoarding Animals Be Considered Animal Abuse?

As average citizens, you may know, generally, refers to when a person “rescues” a larger number of animals than they’re able to take care of. However, many people don’t realize, most cases of animal hoarding transpire because the person has a psychological disorder or has experienced trauma in the past. This disorder causes them to […]

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Cognitive Development: Behavior Therapy

Today, various theories are developed and utilized in counseling children. There has been extensive development in modern science and progress in the field of Psychology, following ingenuity of several new practical methods and approaches for psychoanalysis and psychotherapy by theorists. ‘CBT or Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is known as one of them. Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) is […]

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Return to Normal Life After Hurricane Katrina

A natural disaster such as hurricane Katrina devastated a region of the country that is still recovering even years later. With that much death and destruction, it’s hard not to imagine that psychological scarring wasn’t wide spread with adults as well as children. One can only imagine the horror and feeling of helplessness each of […]

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Mental Disorders: Mrs Dalloway

Felman (1975) defines madness as essentially a phenomenon of thought, of thought which claims to denounce, in another’s thought, the Other of thought: that which thought is not. Being a phenomenon in which patients present abnormal behavioural patterns, Mrs Dalloway’s concern with insanity is reflected through certain characters’ attachment to suicide and melancholy. This paper […]

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The Characteristics, Symptoms and Treatment of The Bipolar Disorder

What does the word “bipolar” mean? A man named Gary R. VandenBos, Ph.D. defines bipolar as “ something with two opposites or extremities…”. Bipolar disorder is an episodic illness, where people who are diagnosed with it will experience two kinds of episodes: manic/hypomanic episodes and major depressive episodes. Manic episodes and major depressive episodes are […]

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Study Shows Bipolar Disorder Can Be Attributed to Heredity

In today’s society, more people are diagnosed with a bipolar disorder that in past generations. A bipolar disorder is when someone has mood swings that can range from very low or really high such as depression. In an online article it mentions, “More than two-thirds of people with bipolar disorder have at least one close […]

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My Friend Carrie and Her Diagnosis of Bipolar Disorder

My friend Carrie was diagnosed with Bipolar I disorder the second year of high school. She does not like to talk about it very much so I will do my best with details. A person that would be more familiar to you with this disorder would be Jean-Claude Van Damme. A summary of the DSM […]

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Bipolar Disorder: The Causes, Effects and Treatment of Manic Depression

Bipolar disorder also known as manic depression, is one of the most fascinating, interesting, and awful mental disorders to observe in people. You can see how the disorder affects the person’s behavior and interactions with people and the outside world. It is a relatively common disorder and it isn’t uncommon to personally know someone that […]

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An Overview of Bipolar Disorder and Its Possible Treatments

Bipolar disorder is a brain disorder that can cause an unusual shift in mood, activity levels, energy, and the ability to carry out simple tasks. There are many causes towards bipolar disorder such as an unhealthy relationships, school, job, etc. Bipolar disorder is a long-term disease that has to be carefully managed throughout your life. […]

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