Qualities of a Good Parent

We cannot define the love of the parent to their children until, we become a parent. Having a child is one of the scariest moments of a person’s life, since their children’s survival depends on them. This makes the parents try to do everything that is best for their child. Love, Support, and Scare are the three major qualities that makes a perfect parent.

All of us as a teenager don’t try to understand the real love of parents because our parents try put some kind of restrictions on us. For example: we are not allowed to stay outside the house after 10:00 pm. Also, we are told not to get in any problems. No relations can work until there is a special kind of love present in it. One of the most common ways a parent try to make a love clear to his/her child is that, they always sacrifice some things for their child to become success. Parents try to work day and night to make more money to provide better education to their children.

In addition to parental love is the only love that is truly selfless, unconditional and forgiving. Parents never try to lose their opportunity in making us happy. But, our parents fail to express their love and miss the opportunity. So some children thinks that their parents don’t love them and they start worrying, not able to focus on life then slowly ends up in depression. For most of the part children’s role model are their parents. Childrens will have many loved ones in their life, but their parents will remain on the top on the list has the most loved one until their children’s last breath. Children needs a balance in their live and that is provided by their parents. Parents who loves their children will make him/her feel that they are very special. True parents will guide their children to the right path and help them to achieve their goal in future. They will allow to take their children their own decision. Also, parents will cheer up their children to continue to follow their family tradition.

As a parent you will always try to support your children in many following ways: You will ask your children if they are struggling with something and if they do you will try to solve it. You will encourage your students to read more has it will increase their knowledge about the world and they will able to compete with different types of people in the world. Equally you will try to enforce a period of quiet in the house which will help the older students to better concentrate on their studies. For better education of your children you will invest more in additional education. For example: you will send children to evening classes or even summer school. And you will encourage children to stay in contact with teachers. Contact teachers if child needs a help. You will stay updated with school everyday for any latest information. You will try to introduce fun ways to test your child. Like you will make a weekly quiz every week, play kahoot and many more games to follow.

Moreover, both of you will sit together and watch documentaries which will provide additional information and give knowledge of the past(history). Have a great debate or discussion while have dinner. It will make your life and child life stressful and comfortable after working hard all day long. Try to take your children to field trip or educational trip. For example museum, historic place etc. It will give them general knowledge. Additionally, reward them for good results. It will keep them motivating. You can take them to cinema, favorite restaurant or to picnic. Also, try to help them relax. Try to enjoy family time together spending and talking about ups and downs in your life. Always remember that young teenagers need the most support in the emotional situation. Like when he/she gets cheated by someone. Always encourage to learn new things. This will try to prepare them to take new challenges.

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