Ellen DeGeneres is Celebrity I Admire

Nowadays, it’s not easy to find your role model nor heroes. There are many different types of celebrities such as celebrities with bad attitudes, manners while others have a good heart, and manners. Everybody including children listen to celebrity’s music, shows, speeches, and many more. But today’s society is so inappropriate that parents need to be precautious. There are also good role models such as Ellen DeGeneres. Ellen is somebody whom I admire the most because she gives back to those in need, can make you smile and laugh for hours and stands up for what she believes.

To begin with, Ellen gives back to those in need. In her talk show, not only she invites celebrities but invites teachers, parents, kids with illness, soldiers, students and many others struggling. For an example, there was an episode where a couple who lives in California lost their home because of the wildfire. The couple built their own house and they remodeled it not that far from the time period that the wildfire happened. They were living at their parents’ house because they didn’t have a shelter. Ellen gave them a check to help them pay for a new home, which not that many people help people in need. She also donates money to different charities.

Another important aspect about Ellen is that she can make you smile and laugh for hours. Ellen talks about different topics in her talk show, but they are not always serious. I’ve been watching her show since middle school and she never fails to make me smile and laugh. For example, every time in her show, she dances and sings with the crowd. She also has different games, she plays with the crowd and with celebrities she invites. One time, she invited “The Fosters” cast members to play musical chairs with a twist in it, which was that they had to be blindfolded. It was funny seeing the cast members struggling to find the chairs and their dancing skills.

In addition, Ellen stands up for what she believes. For example, she came out in her show about being a lesbian. She wasn’t scared at all even though she risked a lot, but she was comfortable with her crowd. At the end, everybody supported her and loved her more. Many people were scared to stand up for what they believe because society might judge them. Since, the day she came out, many other gay people started coming out and feeling comfortable in their own skin. Also, there may be other topics which people feel uncomfortable to talk about, but Ellen doesn’t care. She talks about anything and helps people in that path way.

Unquestionably, Ellen is my role model. I want to be like her in the future such as helping the community, not being scared to stand up for what I believe in, and to bring a smile to people’s faces no matter if they are already happy or are feeling down. She deserves the world with all the different things, she does for her talk show crowd and of course the community. She has such a good heart. I am glad I could call her my role model.