Everybody Has Someone They Admire As a Role Model

Everybody has someone they admire as a role model. You may be asking yourself, “who’s his role model?” Well my role model is my brother, and here’s why. I chose this topic for my narrative, because my brother has successfully shaped my career as a model. This topic may interest you, to explore more about your role model to find out why he/she is your role model. In this narrative, you will be given insight on who my brother is, why he’s my role model, and how I implement everything he has taught me about being a model.

My brother was born on April 11, 1993 in San Francisco, CA. Since the age of fifteen, my brother’s modeling career has skyrocketed allowing him to do so much. His first major role was a commercial that he shot for Chuck E. Cheese. He’s best known as being a contestant on the 22nd cycle of America’s Next Top Model, where he placed fifth. He also was scouted by Tyra Banks herself, and asked to be a part of the show, due to his unique and different look.

While watching Devin compete on America’s Next Top Model, I was inspired by his ability to model. Throughout the span of Cycle 22, Devin became major competition, as he was producing some amazing pictures. The biggest and most scariest part about my brother’s journey to the top, was his makeover. During every cycle of America’s Next Top Model, Tyra sits down and figures out a “new” look for the models. On the show, my brother had a head full of orange hair, and that really is what made him unique. Unfortunately, Tyra envisioned a brand new look for Devin, Short Cut and Dyed Black. Although Devin was not happy with the new look, he pulled it together and the short black hair took his modeling potential to the next level.

When it came close to ending cycle 22, the final 6 made their way to Las Vegas. This is when I began to start noticing that my brother was slipping in the competition, and ultimately knew his elimination was near. During the photo shoot for the top five, the remaining contestants, had to shoot in the dark in the woods. When it came down to judging, the judges felt that Devin has lost the drive to model, and he was sent home.

Once my brother was eliminated, he went on to open his own modeling agency, I AM MODEL MANAGEMENT, in San Francisco, CA. Since then, he has scouted hundreds of models, including myself to work alongside him. Since I have had the opportunity of working with my brother, it has drawn us closer to each other. The relationship between my brother and I, has changed so much. I went from just having him as a brother, to making him my role model. His level of professionalism and the way he took getting eliminated from Top Model, and made something amazing come from it, shows me that things may not work in my favor, but nothing should stop me.

In conclusion, my brother is the perfect example of a role model. Since working with him, I have learned how to pose for a camera, deliver a great commercial, and so much more. Devin has grown into more than a just a brother to me. This narrative was to give an insight on who my brother is, why he’s my role model, and how I’ve implemented what he has taught me as a model. I hope you, as a reader, will use my narrative to take time to figure out why your role model is your role model.

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