Celebrities are Bad Role Models

Everyday in the media, we see celebrities and want to be just like them because of their supposed talents, fame, and wealth. Celebrities such as sports stars, movie stars and reality tv stars live the life most of us could only dream of and so many of us tend to want to be like them. Celebrities sit on millions, even billions of dollars, they don’t even know what it’s like to have to worry about the struggles that we face such as financial issues, raising children, and in general living a normal life.

Sure, some celebrities have had a tough start in life and built their way up, which is truly inspiring, but most of them tend to forget their past life status and act recklessly because of the seemingly never ending flow of money that they receive in many cases. Their reckless behavior can harm themselves, the people around them, and influence the minds of a younger audience in a negative way. Celebrities are normal human beings just like us. They have bad days too, yet we glorify them for no good reason. Celebrities are used to living the easy life and so when they deal with hardships, for example anxiety and depression, they turn to drugs and alcohol to make themselves feel better, which can result in addiction, alcohol poisoning and overdosing.

The style of clothes and the way of life of most celebrities have can be a bit strange to normal people living in a normal world. In most cases we see all the excess spending on designer clothes, exotic cars and several mutimillion dollar houses as a lack of responsible behavior. Parents should take more responsibility for raising their own children and not put so much pressure on outside sources such as celebrities.Many young people today look up to sports, movie and music stars as their heroes. Such people have a great influence on those who look up to them which should not be the case. The views and comments of the celebrities should not influence a common sense approach to everyday life.

We should use our own ability to take in information, assess that information from different sources and make reasonable common sense decisions in our life. It is human nature to want to look up to a role model, a certain amount of that is not bad, but we should be our own person. Idolization of celebrities is seldom positive because it gives young people the wrong impression in most, if not all cases. The best role models are people who possess qualities we admire such as hard work, determination and good common sense actions in their lives avoiding excesses. Often celebrities only allow the public see their facade which means that we never get to see what they really are. Just because a person is famous and wealthy in the public viewpoint, does not in any way mean that they have done something to deserve to be there. There are many reasons why celebrities are not good role models, especially to our younger children that it sometimes seems confusing that anyone should look up to them. Many of them set out to ‘shock’ the whole world as it appears they think this makes them popular.

Another problem we face with having celebrities as role models is that most start endorsing issues which are not controversial and in general not what the majority of society agree with, it can very easily lead children down the wrong path. Celebrities winning an award then using that speech platform for a personal platform for their opinion is a straight abuse of their status. As youth grow up seeing inappropriate behavior and actions from celebrities , they will believe that acting like such celebrities is correct.

The way we use our talents should not be selfish but for the good of the world. In the end, parents need to take more responsibility for passing on proper values and good citizenship practices to their children.

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