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Ellen Degeneres Is Celebrity I Admire

Nowadays, it’s not easy to find your role model nor heroes. There are many different types of celebrities such as celebrities with bad attitudes, manners while others have a good heart, and manners. Everybody including children listen to celebrity’s music, shows, speeches, and many more. But today’s society is so inappropriate that parents need to […]

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Celebrities As Role Model

To start off, fame, wealth, glory, and stardom never comes by itself. There is a tremendous burden that is brought upon by idiosyncrasy and a watchful attitude. Those responsible for promoting these negative trends are the people who fail to live up to these standards of a role model; they fail to set a good […]

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Celebrities Are Bad Role Models

Everyday in the media, we see celebrities and want to be just like them because of their supposed talents, fame, and wealth. Celebrities such as sports stars, movie stars and reality tv stars live the life most of us could only dream of and so many of us tend to want to be like them. […]

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