What i did over Christmas Break

My Winter Break was pretty crazy and everything I touched literally fell apart the whole time. I had my fingers crossed that I would get an Xbox One for Christmas but my hopes started to die as Christmas was only two days away. I felt like I was holding on a little string and was about to get thrown off into a bottomless pit.

That night, my sister and brother Emily and Matthew and I were making Christmas cookies for Santa and we were so tired afterwards and I literally collapsed in my bed. Now it was Chistmas Eve and I was about to fall off my string because the odds of me getting an Xbox One was now about 7-93 so I had to hold on tight and hope that I didn’t fall into the pit.

For two months straight Matthew was talking about how he wanted a Lego Star Wars Resistance Bomber and it’s been driving me crazy having to listen to him say it over and over and over and OVER AGAIN! My brother ran into my room to wake me up for some reason and I didn’t understand until I asked him why he woke me up at 5:47 on a Sunday. He told me that it was Christmas morning but I told him that it was Christmas Eve. He sounded pretty sad that it wasn’t Christmas but I just went back to sleep.

My family and I started getting ready for church at around 6:15 when Gracie got out of the house on accident while we had the door open to go to church so I had to chase after her in a tuxedo for kids. At 6:28 Gracie was in her crate white her bone in her paws and while she was distracted whith her bone we jumped in the car like a bunch of jumpy kangaroos.

Church was okay but they made us kneel for half an hour in very uncomfortable clothes and I was wondering why we were until the preacher said that he forgot to tell us that we could sit back down. At 8:43 we got out of the building and drove home silently for 5 minutes until dad spoke up a conversation of how we had to kneel for awhile when it should only take a few minutes. Then mom and Emily joined in the conversation but Matthew and I stayed silent. When we got home mom said that if we wanted Santa to come then we would have to go to sleep early. I didn’t even argue as I trudged up the stairs I could hear Matthew protesting that he could stay up until 12:00 at least. I then found myself diving into bed at 9:00.

In the morning I got up on my own to realize it’s Christmas! At about 11:30 mom and dad got up and we opened our gift from Santa. It was an Xbox One! Then our relatives came over for Christmas brunch and we all had fun. So I guess in the end I held onto the string after all.

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